Will Numb Skin Affect My Tattoo’s Quality?

January 26, 2017   855

Have you got a tattoo job done recently or you are planning to get one, when it comes to using Numb Skin, there might be many questions surrounding you. How to apply? Is it effective? Will it leave any side-effects? And many more! Find your answers here.Will Numb Skin Affect My Tattoo’s Quality

When you start with the tattoo process, you look for the best tattoo artist in the town, the most perfect design, and lots more. Right? But often in the midst of the preparation, you ignore the excruciating pain which will be caused during the tattoo making process. No, it is not meant to keep you away from having your dream tattoo on your body.  However, the fact is that it is painful. 

And not only while getting the job done, it continues to pain for few weeks. Thankfully, there are numbing solutions like Numb Skin cream which significantly cut down the pain from the entire process. You will more than happy to know that not only it makes tattooing pain free, but also simplify the healing process. 

Now the major question arises, does Numb Skin cream affect the tattoo quality and aftercare process? Find your answer here;

Numb Skin and Tattoo Aftercare…

Being a topical aesthetic cream, Numb Skin is getting widely popular among tattoo artists, professionals, dermatologists, and other doctors who are somewhere or the other concerned with dermatological issues. It is easily available over the counter; you don’t need any prescriptions to buy it from a medical store. You can even buy it online.

Will it affect the tattoo quality or design?

Among all the benefits, the best thing about Numb Skin cream is that it will never interfere with the tattoo ink. Hence, there is no risk to the quality of tattoo. This cream comes with a water based solution. So you can use it before a tattoo when you need it utmost for a painless tattoo making session. And then it can be applied after, during the healing process, to ease out the pain or tingling session.

So, this aesthetic cream when used in appropriate quantity has nothing to do with the tattoo quality. It will never mess with the tattoo ink.

Is it safe to use?

Relax! Numb Skin contains just 5% lidocaine, which has been entitled safe for use for dermatological purpose by FDA. Actually, 5% lidocaine will neither mix with the blood nor it will cause any threat to your heart or any other serious health implications.

How to use Numb Skin cream?

It is a simple process. It will take some time for the cream to numb the area. So, you need to apply the numbing cream around one hour before the treatment. It can be then covered with a saran wrap. Before you start, check if any sensation is being felt. If not, you are good to go.

For those who feel pain even after the treatment, you can get it over applying the numbing cream. This will simply numbs the skin and block the pain signals. What more? This cream comes with a shelf life of around 2 years. Hence, you can use it as many times you need to block pain.

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