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Dr. Numb: Most Recommended Numbing Cream
For Injections, Tattoos, Waxing and Other Dermal Procedures

Dr. Numb is a NON-OILY topical anesthetic numbing cream that contains purest Lidocaine, the highest amount allowed by Food and Drug Administration. Dr. Numb is the only water-based numbing cream on the market. Dr. Numb doesn't interfere with the ink or the skins elasticity, making it safe to reduce the UNNECESSARY PAIN of:

  • Needle Pain, Tattooing, Body Piercing, Laser Tattoo Removal
  • Laser Hair Removal, Waxing, Permanent Cosmetics
  • Minor Surgical Procedures


Dr. Numb – the leader in the numbing cream industry

Dr. Numb numbing cream contains C14H22N2O lidocaine (by SIGMA – top quality lidocaine) a substance that has been used for many years as anesthetics in medical, cosmetic and dental industry.

ShinSachi Pharmaceutical focuses on highest quality product by following cGMP manufacturing practices. Dr. Numb is carefully formulated with the safest but strongest amount of lidocaine so it can be purchased without a prescription. The company exercise overall quality assurance of the manufacture, packaging, and storage. By maintaining adequate master manufacturing batch records, ShinSachi guarantees highest standard numbing cream available in the market.

The company has taken the leader position in the market boasting worldwide distribution to 125 countries and expanding. With highest retention of customers in different industries, customers are rest assured of highest quality numbing cream backed up by superb management team, customer service, and expedited shipment. Shinsachi understands the urgent needs of worldwide customers and thus fulfilling products from almost every state in USA, reducing the delivery time – aiming for the fastest delivery and customers satisfaction.

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Dr. Numb <strong />Numbing Cream - 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Dr. Numb <strong />numbing cream - Certified with Health Accreditations and US Patent and Trademark

We Manufacture Dr. Numb In A State of the Art Manufacturing Plant
We operate within facilities that total 180,000 square feet, including a newly-completed 140,000 square foot state-of-the-art topical liquid and semi-solid facility. We have an array of dedicated and segregated batching suites, filling lines and kitting bays, all operating under controlled HVAC conditions. Our facility is fully zoned to ensure that people, air and material flows prevent contamination to products like Dr. Numb.

    Dr. Numb Industry Standard Testing Procedure
    Dr. Numb Industry Standard Manufacturing Process
    Dr. Numb Quality Control Validation Report

Dr. Numb is the Only Numbing Cream Brand Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction
We go the extra mile to make sure our numbing creams are more than up to standards.

     Dr. Numb Certificate of Ingredient Quality
     Dr. Numb Stability Test Results
     Dr. Numb Health Canada Certification
     Dr. Numb FDA Approval Certificate

Ei Solution Works, together with Dr. Numb, have implemented a unique operating model that blends industry standards and specifically customized processes to expand and improve upon development, production and delivery of Dr. Numb products.

Check out our customers who have already proven the effectiveness of Dr. Numb numbing cream in relieving the pain caused by needle injections, tattooing, body piercing, waxing, laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, and other painful dermal procedures!

Numbing cream for tattoo testimonial - Dr. Numb <strong />Numbing Cream Testimonial

"I cannot feel any pain when I got my full back tattoo. I got it done faster than anyone else! I'll be using it on my next tattoo session. Even my tattooist recommend it!"
Tony L. from New York
Numbing cream for tattoo testimonial - Dr. Numb <strong />Numbing Cream Testimonial

"I love Dr. Numb! I got a painless butterfly tattoo on my hand, and I really have a low tolerance to pain. Dr. Numb totally numbed my hand and I did not feel any pain at all!"
Butterfly Lady of Vancouver
Numbing cream for laser testimonial - Dr. Numb <strong />Numbing Cream Testimonial

"We Use Dr. Numb on all of our clients for painless tattoo removal, permanent make-up, CO2 Fractional laser, and other types of removal. "
Enhance Studio of BC, Canada
Numbing cream for piercing testimonial - Dr. Numb <strong />Numbing Cream Testimonial

"It last for 4 hours and more, and my numbness wore of in like 6 to 8 hours, it works great,?its a helpful stuff."
Fatima of Princess Beauty Lounge
Numbing cream for tattoo testimonial - Dr. Numb <strong />Numbing Cream Testimonial

"This prodcut is by far the best numbing cream in the industry. The result is a pain free and pleasant experience!"
Daniel Zimmerman, Virginia
Numbing cream for tattoo testimonial - Dr. Numb <strong />Numbing Cream Testimonial

"People have been using Dr. Numb Numbing Cream to get their tattoos done faster! We totally recommend this product!"
Insane Tattoo Products
International School of Body Art - Dr. Numb <strong />Numbing Cream Testimonial

"It will show you how to apply and for best result apply 1 full tube and seal with saran wrap for 1 full hr!"
Fatima of Princess Beauty Lounge
Lewis Belddock, New York - Dr. Numb <strong />Numbing Cream Testimonial

How to numb your skin for Laser Hair Removal Use Dr Number for tattoos Use of numbing cream"
Lewis Belddock, New York
Michael Huff, Nevada - Dr. Numb <strong />Numbing Cream Testimonial

"Fantastic product, Dr. Numb repairs facial skin and gives us relief from using painful lasers. "

Michael Huff, Nevada


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Dr. Numb - numbing cream for tattoos, waxing and skin procedures

Name: Dr. Numb Topical Numbing Cream // Description: Dr. Numb is a topical anesthetic numbing cream for painless tattooing, waxing, laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, needle injections, and other minor skin procedures. Health-certified and recommended by most tattoo shops and derm clinics worldwide! // 4.9 out of 5 based on 17177 user ratings //
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