Tattoo Healing Problems That You Need To Know!

May 10, 2017   294

There are just a couple of possible healing problems related to inking. And, the main is Infection. Tattoos can be red or chafed, but infection is either a green or brown discharge. Infections don’t turn out from shops; usually the client needs to take care of the tattoo.Tattoo Healing Problems That You Need To Know!

If you see a tattoo getting infected, you should ask what the customer is using for the care. Rubbing alcohol and peroxide will just exacerbate the infection. Rubbing liquor will dry the skin out making it heal harder and peroxide will destroy the infection and the new skin growing back.

Applying any lotion on infected tattoo is the worst!

The most awful thing you can do on an infected tattoo is applying any kind of lotion. The lotion or treatment will seal in the infection by making it worse. You rather, need to dry out the infection.

And, what’s the best???

The best thing you can advise your customer is that they must come for the follow up session to keep their tattoo infection free. If the tattoo is infected, tell your client to wash it 2-3 times a day. If it gets better, then keep doing till the tattoo completely heals.

Also, one can ask their tattoo artist to apply a topical numbing cream like Dr. Numb, to ease the tattooing process. And, after the tattoo, even numbing cream is advised to apply if any irritation occurs.

But, if the infection gets worse, consult doctor for the further treatment!

Don’t Panic! Allergic reactions are common

If someone has an allergic reaction to a tattoo, then don’t worry because it’s not the color that is infected. Just follow the guidelines provided by your tattooist as aftercare. Stay away from perfumed products. Symptoms of allergic reaction are small red bumps around the tattoo, which appears in red color.  It is just normal, but if the area is itching, don’t scratch!  This can cause painful conditions with white discharge.

What else is best to do as aftercare?

The best thing you can do is instruct them to end the aftercare they are using and wash the tattoo in antibacterial cleanser to kill the bacteria. So that it doesn’t turn to infection.  If it progresses into infection then follow the guidelines, which we have mentioned above.

If the client is diabetic, don’t take risk to tattoo them. Diabetics are more open to infection because of the lack of circulation related to the condition. This means the tattoo will heal much slower on top of being higher risk for infection.

Keep in mind that the overall health of your customer is much more essential than the result of the work. You can simply touch up a tattoo after it heals. Don’t take any risks.

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