Tattoo Aftercare – How to Take Care of Your New Tattoo

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A new tattoo is just like an injury to your skin, so you have to look after it carefully until it recovers properly. The healing of a tattoo is the final step in the tattoo process. Different tattoo experts have varied opinions and suggestions about it, but such instructions should be followed sincerely to prevent tattoos from being spoiled. If you want to fully understand the healing process of a tattoo, you need to read and follow following guidelines.

Tattoo Aftercare Tips


After completion of a tattoo, a tattoo artist washes it with green soap and then covers it up with a germ-free absorbing pad, saran cloth or plastic wrap to protect the open wounds from infecting bacteria. As per instructions of your tattoo artist, the tattoo should be kept covered at least for two hours. In the bandaging process things such as plastic wrap, paper towels, masking tape, etc. should be avoided. Never forget to remove the bandage after the wounds have healed under the bandage. It is not good for tattoos to bandage them again once you have removed the first bandage.

Cleaning and care

Just after you remove the bandage, wash the tattoo area with lukewarm water and mild antibacterial non-scented soap to clean blood stains, residues or other ointments. It is best to use your hands to wash all stains over the tattoo gently. Try to wash your tattoo twice in a day to fasten the healing process. Non-abrasive paper towels can be used to dry the tattoo area safely.                 


Keeping the tattoo moist is also a very important task in its aftercare. It prevents tattoo from fading in the recovery process. So try to use moisturising lotions regularly in the initial stages of the healing. The tattoo healing lotions should be applied three to five times in a day, but it also depends on the size of the tattoo, location and conditions of your skin. There are certain areas like joints or the stretchy body areas with thick skin are tough to heal, so it is better to use extra lotion on such areas to stay away from tattoo scabbing and other cracking issues.

Sleeping cautions

Firstly, use clean bed sheets and throws to avoid infections. Never let your pets get into your bed after a tattoo and do let them lick the tattoo areas. Also, sleep on the opposite side of the tattoo area to put off the risk of ink transfer.   


Scabbing and peeling is normal after a fresh tattoo, so don’t try to remove it. Clothing is also a big factor in tattoo healing process, so there is a need to wear loose fitting clothes. To prevent a tattoo from big dull; it needs to be kept away from harsh sunlight. People with high skin sensitivity and allergy problems should not wear any metal jewellery because it could lead to infections.

If you follow these instructions, you can safely allow your new tattoo to heal completely and safely. Everybody has different skins, so take the requisite time to heal the wounds. You should properly take care of the tattoo area by cleaning and moisturising it regularly.      

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