How to Minimize Bruising and Swelling of Your New Tattoo?

November 17, 2016   1571

Here are the things you can use to take care of your swollen and bruised tattoo spot.

Swelling Tattoo

It is common to have bruising and swelling on freshly made tattoo. Well, that is caused by the healing process of the body. However, if this condition is irritating for you, you can use these natural remedies to ease your bruising and swelling.

Use a Cold Compress To The Swollen Area:

Well, this step is super easy without any frill! Just take out the pack of frozen peas or towel wrapped with ices. All you need to compress it to the skin. Remember, avoid applying ice cubes directly on the skin as it can burn or aggravate the problem.

Always use fluff free stuff like muslin cloth or cheesecloth to wrap ice cubes for compression. Leave the compress on the affected skin for nearly half an hour. A cold compression is helpful to reduce blood flow to minimize the bleeding, thereby lessening the swelling and bruising. Plus, it will ease your pain and promote healing process.

Keep the Swelling Body Part in Elevated Position:

Body areas below the heart are said to have a higher rate of receiving blood flow, aggravating swelling and bruising. Therefore, you must keep the area above your heart if possible. For example, if you have a swollen tattoo on your hand, keep it in raised position for the first 24 hours.

Avoid Taking Alcohol, Aspiring and Coffee after Being Tattooed:

Do you know? Alcohol, coffee and aspiring are the blood thinners; therefore, you must avoid them before and after your tattoo. However, you can take ibuprofen or panadol as a painkiller. Please consult your doctor first before any medication.

Apply a Warm Washcloth After 48 Hours of Your Tattoo:

This step is essential to increase the blood circulation, which will speed up the healing process. Take a warm washcloth and compress it to the skin for every 15 minutes. Repeat the process four times a day. Make sure to use hygienic cloth and wash your skin area after compression to reduce the chances of a foreign body, resulting in an infection.

Take Care of Your Diet:

Apart from using above mentioned steps, take right diet to promote healing. For example, you can eat garlic and onion as they are antimicrobial in nature to speed up the tattoo healing. Similarly, vitamin C rich citrus foods are good for the repairing of the tissues while taking plenty of fluids like water would be good for recovery.

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