Love- The Major Pushing Factor For Most Of The Tattoos

April 11, 2018   724

Love is a bridge which connects the hearts of people; love is building a block of all the relationships. There are many ways to express the feelings of love, but tattoos are one of the most innovative ways to express the love for someone. The permanent tattoo symbolizes the permanent love that resides in heart of tattoo bearer. Being in love give birth to a feeling which pushes you to speak loud to the world about your love and what is better than a tattoo to showcase the love in front of the whole world.

With tattoos becoming more and more accepted and popular these days, many people are getting tattoos on their body. The reasons may vary but the most common reason for being tattooed is an expression of love.

The article shares stories of few people who expressed their love for someone by getting some unique tattoos on their skin.

  • Love and Pain Helped Me To Get My First Tattoo

Marc suffered from a disease in which he had fear of needles. The disease is called as Trypanophobia. He always had a desire to have a tattoo on his arm but because of his fear he never even imagined to get one until the day he met the love of his life-Amanda. Amanda got a tattoo inked on her wrist with the name of Marc which was a motivating factor for Marc to express his love in the same way. He took the decision to overcome his fear and got a tattoo on his wrist for his love, Amanda.

Marc Says, “I took a deep breath of love and at same time tattoo artist inked the first initial of her name. Honestly, the fear remained in my heart until that moment only and after that, I was confident to get a tattoo. After 3 hours, the process got finished and left me with tears because of double happiness: the happiness of overcoming a fear and happiness of getting my first tattoo.”

  •  Love and Tattoos Have Got an Amicable Relationship

Love is not always among two persons, love can be with anything: animals, nature or your birthplace. Krista was in love with her birthplace and she had to move to some other country for growth in her career. But she never took out her birthplace from the heart. She always respected it and wanted to express the love for her birthplace. She chose the medium of tattoo and got her ring finger inked with the boundary of the state in which she took birth.

Krista says, “I wanted my birthplace to be always with me wherever I am, so I decided to get myself inked because I thought this will be the best platform to make my memory permanent forever. Although the design which I chose was not so unique, big and visible to others, for me, this is a priceless and satisfied my need. I decided a tattoo design with an outline of the state of California on the inside of my left ring finger. I chose this location so that I can feel fully engaged with my state, no matter wherever I go.”

  •  Soundwave Tattoo- Add Voice to Your Emotions

Adam who was fond of both tattoo and music wanted to express his love for both in a unique way. He already had a tattoo but his hunger to get a perfect tattoo expressing his love for music and tattoo got satisfied when he encountered a unique tattoo design called as soundwave tattoo. Soundwave tattoo is the perfect mixture of art and science which allows your tattoo to speak. A mobile app, an artist, and your favorite sound combine to form a new form of tattoo called Soundwave Tattoo.

Adam says, “After thorough research and getting familiar with all the technicalities, I took a decision to get myself inked with this tattoo. I was excited and nervous at the same time but I crossed my fingers and booked an appointment. When it comes to choosing music, I chose my own composition to be played on my wrist. This composition was very close to my heart and now I will wear it on my wrist. I am so happy with my tattoo that I keep on listening to it every day and night. This priceless tattoo is the gift that art and science have given to me.”

  • Love Never Dies, It Remains Alive in Tattoos

People die and take birth, it is the law of nature. They remain alive forever in our hearts and some take it to another level by getting their memory inked in form of a tattoo on their skin. Kevin lost his daughter in an accident and wanted to keep her alive in form of a tattoo. He chose a beautiful design which symbolized the personality of her daughter.

Kevin says, “I wanted to express my feelings for her in some form, the form which will be with me till I live on this earth. I decided to get myself inked for the first time at an age of 55. It was a tough decision but a love for a daughter can make you do anything you imagine. I wanted an angel to be inked on my skin in such a way that she is leaving some example for the world. I found the best tattoo artist near me and we finalized the design.”

When we talk about love, it has got no boundaries. It can be expressed in many ways. Everyone does their best to express their love for their beloved. But getting a tattoo for beloved is one of the hottest trends to express love.

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