Lipstick Tattooing- Tips Before and after the procedure

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Permanent makeup is the latest buzz word in the cosmetic industry. More and more people are opting for it because it saves a lot of time that is spent in putting over the traditional make-up stuff daily.

Lipstick Tattooing- Dr. Numb

Why Permanent Lip Tattooing

The best thing about Permanent cosmetics is they never smear and are best for people who are allergic to traditional cosmetics. Below are some of the basic tips and instructions for the lipstick tattoo with aftercare and pre-procedure instructions.

In Permanent makeup pigments are implanted in the outer skin layer which is done with variety of tattoo methods. They are considered as permanent as the color doesn’t get washed off easily but of course they get faded over time.

Now a days, permanent lip, eye, and eyebrow makeup have become really popular as they are the best ways to save time and to redefine facial features and camouflage scars.

Permanent Lip Makeup

If you are the one who loves to color your lips every morning but don’t find enough time to apply it then permanent lip makeup or lipstick tattooing is the best thing for you.

Permanent lip makeup or lipstick tattoo can add richness, provide balance to your uneven lips and also hide the wrinkles around the lips.

Pre-procedure instructions

So, finally if you taken the appointment for lipstick tattooing there are few instructions you need to follow for a safe procedure.

  • The first thing you need to do is to talk to your tattoo artist clearly about the infections or allergies, if you have any. If you need an antiviral medicine then Physicians usually recommend to start it 3 days for a 7-10 days procedure.
  • In case you had undergone any lip surgery before, then consult the physician about the safety of permanent makeup procedure for your lips. Sometimes, the physician may advise you to stop for few days or months depending on the lip surgery you had undergone.
  • Oral prosthesis dentures/ partials/ braces and tongue piercing bars always make you vulnerable to bacterial or fungal infections from the mouth to the lips, especially for the people who wear dentures. Therefore, it’s must to ensure proper hygiene is maintained during the procedure.

Post-Procedure Instructions

  • Since your Lips will ooze for few days after the procedure. Therefore, you will have to apply the ointment for a couple of days.
  • You may feel your lips are dehydrated as the crust may dry on the lips. Therefore, rinse it with water and apply some ointment for a couple of days.
  • Immediately after the treatment do not make use of your lips for eating or drinking. You can drink through a straw and eat stuff that can be directly put into the mouth.
  • You can also place an old cloth or towel on the pillow while sleeping to avoid ruining the pillows.
  • Avoid stretching your lips till they are not completely healed.
  • Smoking is not at all a good idea immediately after the lipstick tattoo procedure.
  • Probably on the third day lips stop to ooze and start to peel. You can massage the lips then after applying a thick layer of ointment.
  • Avoid applying toothpaste over the lips till they are not healed.
  • Avoid bleaching your teeth till they are not healed.
  • If you encounter pain, allergy or any infection even after 3rd or 4th day of treatment then you should consult your tattoo artist or doctor for the next step.
  • It generally takes few weeks to months for proper healing. So, you need to be patient and keep following your aesthetician’s instructions for good results.

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