What Should I Know About Stick and Poke Tattoo?

August 19, 2016   1191

Stick and Poke tattoos are in constant rage. Without getting one on your skin, know these things first.

Stick and Poke Tattoo

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If guess by name, you can easily tell about stick and poke tattoos even if you own an average IQ score. It is manual tattooing done by needles or sticks to penetrate the skin in poking motions to fill your pierced skin with ink later on. Since it is done without machine, you can do it yourself, if you are good at illustration and know how to handle the tools. Stick and poke tattoo is pretty similar to the pencil art without colors. Before getting it on your body, here are essential things you must know about it.

Is It Safer?

Well, if you’re getting it yourself or without professional guidance, chances are you can go wrong with it. You may poke your skin wrong which may cause excessive bleeding or your needle may not be sterilized to prevent infection. However, most of the people take it as DIY art and end up with infections and swelling if they forget precautions. In this scenario, you want to approach professional tattoo artist or someone who know it better.

If you still want to do it yourself, make sure your tools are spotless and sterilized, and you follow aftercare.

Will It Hurt Me?

The pain level is depending on the body part you’re tattooing as some body parts are least painful while others are not. This is because the presence of flesh which act as the cushion against the needle and due to the less nerve endings in that area, making you to tolerate it easily. However, you can have more discomfort if you are doing it yourself at home. When a tattoo artist stabs your skin with needles, it feels like cat scratching or rigid sunburn.

How Much Time Does It Take?

Since stick and poke tattoos are drawn with the hand, it takes much time than the needle gun. And accuracy is the other issue making the artist to take more time with it.  In stick and poke tattoos, an artist makes the line with the tiny dots over your skin, making him to follow the outline multiple times to make the line. It also depends on the speed and skill of your artist or friend. Stick and poke making process can be as longer as couple of hours. Comparatively, a needle gun helps artist to draw lines easily.

What about the Healing Time?

Stick and poke tattoos tend to heal faster than other tattoos without much peeling. However, you should follow the aftercare regimen to ward off any infection or the swelling. Wash it in warm water and use antibacterial soap (alcohol free). Apply the ointment lotion like Lubriderm or Aquaphor in thin layers. Be careful for your freshly pierced tattoo and avoid sunlight or swimming. Wear loose clothing to let your tattoo breathe.

Do They Long Lasting?

Sadly, they don’t. They fade faster than the needle gun tattoos as the ink doesn’t submerge to that level. But you can take it as “blessing in disguise” as you have the license for experimenting with number of tattoo styles.


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