What to Consider Before Having a Tattoo over Scars?

November 23, 2016   588

Scars become the part of our life! But tattoo can be the clever way to hide your scars and spots. But it requires few considerations you can know here.

Tattoo over Scars

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In most cases, you can’t erase your scars left by wound, burn or surgery. And wearing scars throughout your life is aesthetically challenging and become your identity sign over a time. Tattooing can be the clever way to hide those big spots and scars over your skin, if surgery is beyond your budget. Yes, it is possible to get a tattoo over your scars. Lot of people are using tattoo to camouflage their scar marks.

However, there is lot of considerations before getting a tattoo to cover up your scars. What kind of scar is it? Is it a stretch mark? Was it from a cut? How deep was it? How deep does the scar tissue go? Are you prone to keloid? Is it a raised scar?

This is because scars are different from your normal skin you get a tattoo over. Remember, tattooing will just hide, but not remove the scar. If you want to choose tattooing to cover up your scars, here are some things you must consider before it.


Let the scars heal completely before going for a tattoo over it. You can’t have a tattoo over a new scar, as it makes worse the things for you. The healing rate of your scars depends on the injury and your body response. This is why some tattoos heal in a few months, and some take years. However, you can use various things to speed up the healing process like using vitamin E oil, specific ointment or consult your doctor. So, heal up first and then go for a tattoo.


Since your main motive to cover up the scars, choosing the colors, layout and texture are the key factors. Make sure the colors you are choosing can disguise the scar. It will perfectly blend the scar’s tone with tattoo color, making it less or no noticeable. Be frank and straight forward while discussing the cover up colors with your tattoo artist. Some shades are good for your unique scar and you must choose good artist for that.


Clever tattoo designs are useful to hide your scars in a way that latter looks like the part of the tattoo. A good tattoo artist is the best bet for that work as he knows well which design, color palette and structure should be used to camouflage the scar with tattoos.

And use Dr. Numb numbing cream to reduce the pain while having tattoos to cover up your scars.

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