Can Tattoo Cover Up My Stretch Marks?

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Stretch marks are the visible lines in off colour hue mainly appear on the stomach. They are caused by the sudden loss of fat in abdominal area, like in pregnancy cases, less elasticity and hereditary factors. Though they are not life threatening, they can be aesthetically unpleasing for many people. While there are many treatments or medication available to remove them, you can try tattoos to cover them up.

Can Tattoo Cover Up My Stretch Marks

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However, results may vary from person to person due to the different skin type, size of stretch marks and the skills of a tattoo artist. You may like to know if gaining stretch marks affect the tattoo cover-up. Besides, the stretched marked skin may react different to the tattooing than normal skin.

Not all stretch marks are same! A light colored stretch marked can be easily covered up with a tattoo while it doesn’t work well on the deeper and larger one. On larger and deeper stretched mark, the ink patches doesn’t look consistent. The tattoo may not look like the same on the stretched mark.

How Stretched Mark Affect Your Existing Tattoo?

Stretched marks are unpredictable and you don’t know how they likely to affect your existing tattoo. They can turn deep while running through a tattoo can make your tattoo looks distorted. Therefore, you must consider frequent touch ups to keep your tattoo in shape.

Choose the Artist Carefully

Covering up the stretch marks require you experienced and professional tattoo artist as he knows how to perform over scar and stretch marks. Research the artists and ask your friends. A skilled tattoo artist knows better design to camouflage your stretch marks.

Consider the Pregnancy Factor:

If you’re planning a child, you must get the cover up only after your delivery. This is because the cover up tattoo can be distorted by the occurring of the upcoming stretch marks on your belly.

It Takes Several Sitting:

Your tattoo artist can arrange your tattoo cover up in multiple sessions based on the stretch mark size and your skin type.

Use Numbing Cream:

Use numbing cream one hour prior to your tattoo session as you may feel pain or discomfort during tattooing. Wash the skin area with soap and water. Pat it dry and apply numbing cream. Wrap it for hour so that the cream activates to numb the skin. After that, you can have a tattoo. Many people use Dr. Numb numbing cream before their tattooing session.

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