5 Interesting Tattoo Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

December 02, 2016   406

Without a doubt, tattoos are the coolest way to expressing one’s interests and beliefs. Regardless of the fact that these are getting popular day by day, there are still many facts people are seriously unaware of. Find out them here.

Tattoo Design

Fashion world is never constant; it has been evolving and so is the case with the different forms of body art. Among all the fashion trends, the one which has sincerely ruled the centuries is none other than the tattooing.
Yes, getting inked with different designs and colors make you impressive and expressive. In case you are thinking about getting one, below are listed few things which you might not know about tattoos. Learn here;

Skin Allergies: While most of the artists will deny from the fact that tattoos causes skin allergies, but the truth is that you might develop it at any time, after you get inked. So, it is not necessary that an allergic reaction would happen just after getting a tattoo job done. In fact, allergies like rashes or scars can occur years after the tattoo.

You are pierced: Yes, you are not aware, but your skin is pierced. How? Tattooing is done using a needle, isn’t it? And then the ink is injected. So, depending on the size and variation of colors your skin is pierced between 50 and 3,000 times per minute in the tattoo process.

The Tattoo Machine: The tool use or the tattoo machine has four parts to it, did you know that? While one holds the needle, the second is an electric motor, tube which holds the ink is third and last one is the foot pedal to control the movement. And all of these parts are necessary for the machine to work and form a tattoo.

Temporary tattoos are still a choice: No doubt, permanent ink is a much better option. Still you may want to think twice about getting a design inked. And this is why temporary tattoos are done. However, recently FDA warned the use of black henna ink which contains para-phenylenediamine or PDD in making temporary tattoos can cause permanent scarring.

Tattoo ages with you: Even if you get a permanent tattoo you must be aware of the fact that as you get older, so does your tattoo. Actually, your skin has the potential to constantly replenish itself. So, as the cycle slows down with the passage of time, it results into an aged appearance. Thus, if you get a tattoo in your early 20s, the words or design might blur and become more difficult to read in your 60s.

So, these were just few things that you might not be known to. Undoubtedly, getting a tattoo is an exciting experience, yet it is painful. For all those who fear of pain, you can easily remove pain from the procedure using any topical numbing solution. For example, Dr. Numb, one of the best anesthetic solutions, which works magically on the pain!

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