10 Things Only Tattooed People Raised By Strict Parents Will Know

January 23, 2016   1280

“You crap!!! How dare you??”
But…I really wanted it!!!
It’s being uncivilized, you screwed up!! How could you?? We gave you the best parenting!! This is common in families where parents are very disciplined, strict or conservative. Children in such families face these agonies, everytime they go off the track to follow their passion or interest. And…. If the interest is all about getting etched…. Check out here…what all one has to go through!!!


Trust me!! If you’re a tattoo lover…you may have to face something similar…So be prepared!!!
Here comes the distress!!!


1. “Don’t you dare think about it. And that’s final!”

Tattooed Kids With Strict Parentings

The first time parents come to know about our love for tattoos, this is the first response we get…And…the painful tattoo journey begins here the next moment.


2. How could you be the way you are when we tried our best to raise you as a ‘GOOD’ child?

Tattooed Kids With Strict Parentings

I don’t why parents start questioning their parenting whenever we think about making our own choices. And then they keep on asking us how we turned out the way we did when they did everything they can to raise a “good” child as if we have joined a gang of rapists or terrorists.


3. And we are left with no other option after their banging NO than doing this….

Tattooed Kids With Strict Parentings

This is what we innocents can do…cry a loud!!! Poor we!!


4. It’s time to take your own stand!!! I will make them understand I’m not wrong!! And …you still get a NO.

Tattooed Kids With Strict Parentings

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When we‘re done with all our tears and pain, we try to face them. With all our courage and strength, we try to talk to them. Firstly, it takes days to collect that daring to discuss with them; and then a few more days to prepare what actually we will say to make them see that getting tattoos won’t make you bad. You finally do it and you get a big NO again!!!

5. Then comes the time to share your heartbreak with your buddies!

Tattooed Kids With Strict Parentings

And they feel self-pity…because they too get the same!!

6. And…you drop the idea to get it!!

Tattooed Kids With Strict Parenting

Yes, we usually do this! The fear of being kicked out of the house or losing the love of our parents, we give up. And spend years in guilt about not getting it!!


7. And it doesn’t end up here… the discussion goes on for years

Tattooed Kids With Strict Parenting

Even if makeup our minds to quit, the discussion never ends. We cannot give up defending ourselves and they don’t stop refuting! And it feels like…our opinion doesn’t matters!!


8. And those continuous reactions of our parents of having US as their child!!!

Tattooed Kids With Strict Parenting

The more we try to escape, the more they pull us in the conversation and discussion regarding the anti-social aspects of getting tattoos and that how horrible we’ll look with them.


9. And finally…you decide to get it no matter what the consequences would be!!!

Tattooed Kids With Strict Parenting

It’s very difficult to give up your passion… that’s the truth!!! And so we end up getting our tattoo and losing our tattoo virginity!! Feeling like top of the world!!!


10. We’re sued!!! When our parents see our tattoo

Tattooed Kids With Strict Parenting

What???? It’s not the end…it’s the beginning of those “That’s going to be your last tattoo” discussions.

So…the next time you think of getting your tattoos… better think of the consequences and way to deal with them…. All the best!!!

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