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God has sent every human on earth with a different story. The color of skin, the texture of hair, height, and weight combines to tell a story of who we are. But the story of our life that is not revealed with Mother Nature’s work gets revealed with help of various body modifications. Body modifications like piercing and tattooing are considered to be the perfect source of self-expression.

But what about society’s attitude towards tattoo? Is it still considered to be a social stigma? Although society’s attitude towards visible tattoos has got bit relaxed, still there are certain workplaces where they are still considered to be a taboo in this modern era.

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42% of people still think that visible tattoos are always inappropriate at work. As per the Forbes writer Rachel Hennessey, in industries like healthcare and law, trust is paramount and is likely the cause for concealment requirements. The least tattoo-friendly industries are considered to be as follows:

  • Law Enforcement;
  • Education;

Most HR managers are likely to hire the clear-cut employee. According to, piercing tops the list of the physical attribute that may limit the employment opportunities, followed by bad breath and visible tattoos.

The persons, who love tattoos, can’t resist getting inked with one. So, in this article, you are suggested with some locations on your body which can be considered workplace friendly to get a tattoo.

  • Inner Wrist

The wrist is the place which is not only decorated with bangles; it is the perfect place to ornate with tattoos too. Why can tattoos be inked at this location? The foremost reason for placing a tattoo on inner wrist is because it is considered to be a spot which is said to be low on the pain scale.

A small space is accurate for small tattoos or brief quotes and can be easily hidden for work too. A long sleeve or few bracelets will do the job of hiding your tattoo perfectly. Choose any wisely.

  • Upper Shoulder/Lower Neck Area

Before getting a tattoo at this place, it is important to note that this area is prone to more pain as compared to other body locations because of the high density of bones present at this location.

The spot is perfect for small tattoos like a statement quote rather than a big image as the minimum space is available at this location.

This location is perfect for a tattoo when considering the strict workplace environment only if you avoid wearing tank tops or spaghetti straps. Sticking to full sleeve blouses or cardigan is more preferable.

  • Back/Back of the Shoulder

Why is a back area of your body considered to be the perfect location for your tattoo? The reason is that back area gets easily covered with any type of attire, so you can work easily in the office with a secret of tattoo residing in your back.

Your back is open to any form of creativity, feel free to ink any tattoo design at this place because the back will be always hidden in formal clothes unless you are wearing open back tops or low back dresses in professional culture too.

  • Rib Cage

The rib cage is the best location for your body for a hidden tattoo. It is the area which can perform two roles with elegance and perfection. It can keep your tattoo hidden from the work environment and at the same time, it looks hot and daring when exposed with a crop top or during a bikini season.

The rib cage is similar to foot and can be a home to any form of a tattoo: big, small or medium. It is an ideal location for a new tattoo. So get the one and be satisfied both in professional and personal life.

  • Foot/Ankle Area

When it comes to tattoo on foot, you will get an adequate space and perfect spot to hide at workplace too. You can give wings to your creativity and imagination and can end up getting the best tattoo on your foot.

Your foot will be comfortable with any tattoo design: from small symbol to big form of an art. People hardly give a look at your feet in a professional environment. Still, it is advisable to wear long pants and covered up shoes to hide your tattoo in the workplace.

  • Spine

Be very wise and careful before choosing spine as a spot to get yourself inked with a tattoo. Although, it can be considered to be one of the best locations to hide your tattoo from your working place at the same time it is one of the most painful locations for a tattoo.

Keeping the pain factor aside (because pain incurred during tattoo can be easily minimized with good numbing creams available in market), the tattoo at this location can be incredibly feminine and hot.

So, if you are a tattoo lover but your workplace is an obstacle, don’t worry and choose any of the above-mentioned locations and get a tattoo design that suits your personality the best.

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