Will A Serious Scab Remove Tattoo Ink?

August 30, 2017   1507

Tattoo scabbing is completely a normal procedure. When you get a tattoo, you have normally caused large amounts of trauma to a specific area of the skin through needle puncturing.Will A Serious Scab Remove Tattoo Ink

The inked area is basically an open injury, and the only way for your body to close an injury to recover the skin. To avoid Scab occurring over the tattoo, your tattoo artist might advise you to apply topical numbing cream twice a day. This actually works. But, the question is- where to get an effective tattoo numbing cream, as these days, many creams are available in markets and online which guarantee.

Dr. Numb is one such topical numbing cream that guarantees 100% result. It is a product with the finest quality of 5% Lidocaine cream. This kills the pain received after and before the tattooing process.

How scabbing procedure starts?

This scabbing procedure begins when a component within your blood, known as plasma, begins to overflow out of the injury and starts to get hard, covering the open area – your white platelets will then start to work in and around the scabbed area to fend off any risk that try to get through as your skin continues to recover and repair.

Tattoos heals in a same way like a scrape or an abrasion. Depending on the size of the tattoo and where on the body it is located, serious scabbing and ink disaster can happen. Having an expert tattoo artist to get your tattoo done, can help decrease the risk of wearing a blurred tattoo with gone ink after healing.

Time span

A professionally done tattoo, performed on healthy people, will take roughly two weeks to get fully healed.


If the skin is exhausted during a tattoo, heaving scabbing may happen. The aftereffect of this might be loss of ink when the scab tumbles off.


Ink loss is normal from scabs in body parts that fold or are in steady movement. Elbows, wrists, knees, and the back of the neck, normally have this issue.

Picking and Pulling

Pulling or picking a serious scab from a tattoo will cause the loss of ink. Try not to pull or pick the scab, and let it heal naturally and fall off itself. Pulling and picking can cause a serious infection from loss of ink and dirty hands. A touch-up will be on hold, if your tattoo artist observes such messy things on and around your tattoo.


Proficient tattoo specialists always guarantee their work. They have information as to how the body heals a tattoo, and an understanding that some scabbing and ink loss will happen. A free session to replace the ink that has dropped out will be offered and given if necessary.


Following the aftercare given to you by your tattoo artist is important. Applying products to your tattoo that are not advised by your tattoo artist can result in scabbing, scarring, ink loss, and burning.


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