What are Derma Rollers used for?

April 01, 2016   2310

Wondering about those handheld devices with surgical-grade needles? These look like pricking rollers and feel like they’d be painful. Rolling these torture devices over your face actually creates tiny holes in skin. So, what’s the use of doing this? Read on to know more.
What are Derma Rollers used for?

Derma rolling or Microneedling is a process, which involves rolling a special device over your skin that has a roller with many tiny needles embedded in it. These micro-needling devices are used for reducing the appearance of scars, acne, wrinkles and other aging effects.

How Dermaroller Works?

The fine microneedles in the derma Roller penetrate the skin enough to stimulate elastin and collagen production. This causes the skin to thicken and eases the wrinkles and scars. This also opens up the micro-channels in the skin that help in increasing the absorption of topical creams used in one’s daily beauty routine. All this significantly improves the skin penetration ability and overall efficacy of skin care products. Derma Roller offers just enough time for new collagen structures to form within the skin’s lower layers.

Uses of Micro Needling?

  • Enhance the penetration of skin care products:Our skin is almost impermeable. Using a 0.3mm thick derma roller can temporarily enables the absorption of skin care products into the skin aiding them work effectively.
  • Fine wrinkles:To treat fine wrinkles, dermaroller of 1 to 1.5 mm needle length is usually used. This is a minor procedure and can be done at home safely. Dermarolling is also a safe alternative for people with skin too thin to have laser treatment.
  • Individual deep wrinkles: Wrinkles between the eyebrows or Glabella wrinkles and deep forehead wrinkles can also be treated with dermaroller.
  • Loose skin: You can improve the sagging skin anywhere on the body including neck, the back of the hands, the décolleté, arms, thighs,abdomen, etc.
  • Sun damaged or aging skin: dermaroller with microneedles of 1.0 to 1.5 mm are effective in treating sun damaged skin.
  • Scars: All scar treatment needs a dermaroller with 1.5 mm needles and help greatly incrushing the scar tissue deeper with a greater prick density.
  • Stretchmarks:  Pregnancy marks become less indented and less wide with the use of dermaroller. It can also restore the original skin color partially. It is recommended to seek help of a professional.
  • Acne scarring:For treating deep acne scars, dermaroller of 1.5 mm needles is not enough and 2.5 mm is required. However, it is risky to use at home safely.
  • Surgical or atrophic scars: Dermaroller tends to soften surgical scars and the original skin color may be restored partially.
  • Hypertrophic burn scars: Hypertrophic or burn scars can be treated using 1.5 or 2 mm dermaroller. Combine it with pressure massage. There’s a trick to use it: Apply pressure with your fingers onto the scar for about 20 seconds. Repeat the process daily. Perform the pressure massage also immediately after needling or dermarolling the scar.

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