How to Use Numbing Cream for Piercing and Tattoos?

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Learn here how to use numbing cream for piercing and tattooing.How to Use Numbing Cream for Piercing and Tattoos

Piercing and tattoos add to your style. But it can’t be denied that both processes cause pain and discomfort based on your pain threshold and body placement. In this scenario, most people use topical anesthetic like numbing cream to reduce their pain. Numbing cream dulls your pain receptors so that they can’t send pain signals to the brain. These creams contain lidocaine that is a well-known anesthetic also used in vaccination.

Numbing creams are generally available as OTC drug, meaning that doctor’s prescription is necessary to buy them.

Generally, numbing creams are used as any ordinary topical cream, but with few differences. It is also essential to know what quantity of numbing cream is right for your piercing and tattooing.

For example, using less cream will not cover the large body parts evenly and won’t deliver the long lasting numbing effect. However, using it in excessive amount may lead to side effects.

Here you will know how to use numbing cream for both tattooing and piercing along with the quantity. Let’s start with the quantity of numbing cream for tattooing and piercing first.

For Tattoos:

  • One 10g tube for an ankle or wrist type tattoo
  • One 30g tube for the tattoo of the size of your palm
  • Two 30 g tube for larger parts like shoulder, lower leg calf and upper arm
  • Three 30 g tubes for full upper arm and full lower leg

For Piercing:

  • One 10g Tube for ear, lip or belly button
  • One 30g Tube for more wide area piercings

So, these are the ideal amount of numbing cream application. However, you can use the amount of the cream based on your estimation if you have larger cream tube.

Let’s see how to use numbing cream for piercing and tattoos:

  • Wash your skin with warm water and soap. Pat it dry with a towel.
  • Apply the first layer of numbing cream using your fingers. Spread the cream evenly on the surface.
  • Then, apply the second layer of the cream.
  • Cover the area with a plastic cling
  • Remove the cover after one hour and wipe off the excess

Your skin has now “numbed” and you will feel less or no pain while having piercing or tattooing.



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