Tips for a Painless Bikini Wax

September 18, 2015   2807

If you’re trying to find ways to come out of the trauma and mental torture before undergoing a painful bikini wax, probably you have reached the right place. Read on to learn how to lower the pain to a minimum!

Hair Removal is such a pain, still it must be done. Every month the terror rises when you notice those tiny follicles re-growing on the skin. And when it comes to bikini wax, agh… it’s damn painful for most women!

Painless Bikini Waxing- Dr Numb

My expressions would probably have scared off those who haven’t experienced it yet. But, let me make something clear to you! There’s no arguing that waxing is probably the best method of hair removal since it doesn’t make hair coarser and rough and its effects lasts for longer. So, the advantages are obvious. So, you cannot avoid getting it done. At some point of your life, you’ll definitely need it.
But, luckily there are certain things you can do to minimize the pain of a bikini wax. And trust me, these really work. Have a look.

1. Be Consistent
It gets easier turn-by-turn! This means doing it regularly make it easier over time. It will undoubtedly be HELL for the first timers. But, waxing makes you skin hair thinner and softer each time you wax it. So, the good news is the more you wax, the less you’ll get hurt. Hence, stick with it as it’s worth it.

2. Exfoliate
Exfoliating a day before! Removing dead skin cells will allow your beautician to remove all the hairs easily. Moreover, there’ll be very little tweezing or threating after the waxing is done.

3. Use a Numbing Cream
Aahh… this is something like a life-saver, especially for those who are experiencing it for the first time. Numbing creams are topical anesthetic cream that makes a skin area numb over which it has been applied. There are myriads of these products available in the market that does make a difference, such as Dr. Numb.
The purpose of this cream is to relieve you from the pain while and even after getting waxed. However, one must make sure to read the instructions prior to using it in order to ensure you do it right. (For example Dr. Numb needs to be applied an hour before undergoing the waxing procedure). Also, make sure you’re not allergic or sensitive to some of the ingredients.

4. Avoid stimulants
Lay off the things such as caffeine or alcohol! The presence of stimulants in your body actually makes you more sensitive to pain. Hence, it’s safer to give up that cup of coffee the day are about to get fuzz free!

5. Follow The Right Method
Following a wrong method to wax can also cause you more pain! Always pull skin taut. Pull the wax strip in the opposite direction of hair growth. This increases the effectiveness of the waxing and also reduces the pain.

6. Say “Hold??? To The Sun
Avoid anything to do with heat post waxing, such as hot baths. Heading out into the sun after waxing is one of the biggest mistakes women make. Your skin is in a ‘maddened’ and raw state, so make sure you protect it from heat or sun.

Bonus Tip: Take a Pain Reliever
Although, it isn’t a tip, as everybody of us probably do this everytime we get waxed. Popping on a pain reliever before your appointment greatly helps. Not only will they reduce the feeling of pain, they’ll also help in controlling any possible inflammation. But, don’t go beyond the limits!!!

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