Tattoos You Will Never Regret

July 30, 2018   974

Did you know, 1 out of 5 adults has at least one tattoo and 25% of people out of 500 had tattoo regret? With the increase in popularity for tattoos, regret for tattoos is also increasing at high pace. Tattoos are a carrier of emotions and emotions fluctuates from moment to moment. A passing by emotion can sometimes take the form of tattoo that you regret in future.

Tattoo Regret

However, there are few tattoo designs and locations that will never fail to impress you. And you will always cherish these tattoo designs for entire life.

  • Soundwave Tattoos

Have you ever wished your tattoo to speak? The emotions hidden deep inside the human heart don’t get satisfied with just a tattoo. They want much more than that. What about if your emotions adorned on your skin in form of tattoo starts to speak? You might be flabbergasted to hear the above statement. But it is true that science has held the hands of art to gift you the best tattoo design that you have ever dreamt of- Soundwave tattoo. Now, the tattoos will speak the way you want them to speak. It’s time to give voice to your tattoos.

What do you need?

  • A mobile app,
  • Your favorite sound and,
  • Tattoo artist and your creativity.

A soundwave pattern will be generated through a mobile application, named skin motion once you select an audio of your choice: noise, music or some sound. The generated pattern will be inked on your skin that you can play using a Smartphone’s camera.

So, let your feelings flow in form of soundwave tattoo.

  • DNA Tattoos

Do you love someone more than anything? Thinking to gift her/him something that they will cherish for their lifetime? Why don’t you go ahead with a memorable tattoo? You feel tattoos are old-fashioned ways to showcase your love but technology has moved a step ahead to give birth to DNA Tattoos.

What is DNA Tattoo?

This is actually a DNA Tattoo where you have to get DNA of a person in form of saliva, hair or blood and the company called Everence will purify it at their end. The extracted DNA will be converted into powdery form and will be returned to you in a vial which will be free from any chemical impurities. The tattoo artist will mix the powder with ink and will adorn your skin with a tattoo that you and your lover will remember for a lifetime.

DNA tattoo design was used to be famous with the name of ‘Morbid Ink’ has got an official name in form of DNA Tattoo.

With a plethora of tattoo designs available in the market, one gets confused what to go ahead with. Hence, sometimes a person ends up with no tattoo at all. The tattoo is a business that won’t understand your emotions. So you have to be smart enough to choose a tattoo design that you will respect and enjoy for your entire life without any feeling of regret.

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