Tattoos and Hepatitis C : Understand the Risks

September 25, 2017   1223


Learn here how unsafe tattooing can lead to hepatitis C.Tattoos and Hepatitis C Understand the Risks

Tattoos are the most popular body art worldwide. Nearly 40% Americans have at least one tattoo. Tattoos not only add to the aesthetics, but also a common form of self-expressionism.

However, it can’t be denied that they may lead to skin damage, allergies, infection and complicated health conditions. Hepatitis C is counted among such reactions triggered by tattooing, if the process goes wrong. Keep in mind that all the health risks are caused by unsafe tattooing like using unsterilized needles, inferior ink and practicing in unhygienic conditions.

According to one study, people with hepatitis C were almost four times more likely to getting a tattoo, even when other major risk factors were taken into considerations.

Here we have explained how unsafe tattooing can lead to hepatitis C.

How Tattooing Can Lead to Hepatitis C?

As we have told you unsafe tattooing practice can cause hepatitis C. When you get a tattoo, your skin is penetrated using a needle and injected with small amounts of ink. If the needle is used on an infected individual, then it can contaminate your blood. The risk factor is higher with the novice tattoo artist. Therefore, you should choose an experienced and professional tattoo artist. Make sure your artist is using new and sterile needles. Besides, the artist should be wearing latex gloves.

How to Avoid Getting Hepatitis C through Tattooing?

  • Make sure the artist you choose is experienced and professional.
  • Visit the tattoo studio to take a note of hygienic conditions prevailing there.
  • Ask your tattoo artist to use sterile and new needles and other apparatus.
  • Make sure he is wearing gloves while operating on your skin.
  • The work area and surface should be cleaned before each process.

How to Tell If You Have Hepatitis C? When to See Your Doctor?

After getting a tattoo, if you are experiencing fever, feeling tired, poor appetite, pain in stomach, joint or muscle pain or yellowing in eyes or skin, chances are you have hepatitis C due to unsafe tattooing practice. In this case, you must see your physician as soon as possible.

So you must have understood how unsafe tattooing can lead to Hepatitis C. Remember, you need to follow the precautions while tattooing to keep the risk at a bay.


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