Tattoo Virgin Tips: Things to Know Before Getting your First Tat

January 27, 2016   2385

You may experience lot of mixed thoughts and emotions before getting your first tattoo. You’ll be excited, happy, nervous and even a little fearful and impatient. So, here are a few tips for you to know before so that you make up your mind clear and prepare yourself well.
Tattoo Virgin TipsIf you belong to those who have never got their body inked and are now planning to head towards a tattoo artist to get one, hold and ask yourself, “Do you know everything about tattooing?” Probably, the answer would be NO.

Tattoos are painful, indeed. But, once you’ve set your mind with all the basic understanding of this art, the pros and cons, etc. you’ll be able to get past that pain, mentally. While, finding a good tattoo artist is half the efforts done, there are even many other things you should know before undergoing the process. Here are some of them. It’s important for you to do the research and know what you’re getting into.

Here are 6 tips for the tattoo virgin:

1. Start Small – As a newbie, there’s no shame in beginning with small. Give yourself a chance to experience the process slightly and learn at its core – how your skin feel when getting etched, and how your body heals.

2. Be Picky About Your First Parlor – What about a spontaneous tour to the tattoo parlor? Sounds fun? We recommend you to take some bit of your time and pick out a good one before to hopping in the car. It’s better to know well your tattoo artist before taking sessions from him/her. Remember, it’s not just the quality of the art that matters, the person who is going to play a needle on your skin and even the needle involved matters a lot. So you want to choose a parlor that’s well-known for taking proper health precautions. Consult to other well-tattooed folks for their recommendations.

3. Follow The Tattoo Trends – For some years, owls are popular and for some other, fairies are popular. No matter how cool and unique you are, you will have to follow these trends. You could be the most exclusive, custom tattooer in the tattoo history and you will find yourself wanting to do a lighthouse tattoo because you saw 15 of them on people’s arms around town. The trick is to bring your own signature into the image. Hence, follow the latest trend, customize it according to your will and bring the best design on your body, which is definitely unique from anybody else. Seek a professional help even for more ideas and designs.

4. Be prepared for that ‘AHA’ moment – The pain you will experience while getting a tattoo is relative. A lot of it is in your mind. There are people who start crying once the needle pierces into the skin and others who doze off while they are getting a tat. The extent of the pain also depends on the pain threshold of people. Plus, it greatly depends on how your tattoo artist is using that needle. A little deflection can lead you to extreme bleeding and scarring.

5. Follow Aftercare Instructions – A tattoo process isn’t finished and completely set until the healing process is over. Each tattoo artist will specify a set of aftercare instructions. It’s important for you to follow them to prevent infection. You have carved into your skin, which exposes you to bacteria. Sometimes, the area you chose to get inked also matters a lot when it comes to healing. All these factors can lead to some variations in care advice, but generally it consists of repeated daily washing, proper drying and application of a moisturizer. No matter what are the circumstances, you should not allow your tattoo to be covered with plastic wrap during the bandage phase. Yes, people can see it without exposing it, but it can create a bacterial breeding ground.

6. Have Fun – Tattooing is hard work, but still fun. Enjoy each and every step involved in the entire process. A little pain can be memorable for the lifetime.

Happy Tattooing!!!

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