Tattoo Trends 2016 for You to Follow

January 27, 2016   2133

Like every other field including science, technology, education, marketing, New Year has thought to bring many new opportunities and trends in these industries. And.. What about the styling world? Take a look at the new trends in tattoo industry.

Tattoo Trends 2016

While tattoo trends and designs are evergreen, every year there’s some or the other thing that attracts folks greatly. Check out what 2016 has come up with for you.

1. Single Line Tattoos

A tattoo trend that requires expert execution is single line tattoos. This style has seen immense rise in demand for tattoos composed of one continuous line. These simplistic tattoos have the same appeal as the minimalistic designs and we can expect clients from around the globe to flock to this up-and-coming style. They look amazing.

2. Chest Tattoo

Chest tattoos are considered popular in men mostly and this year more and more males will proceed towards getting a chest tattoo. It’s a stellar location and isn’t visible to other unless you show it. So, if you have been thinking of getting chest tattoos, this is the time for you handsome. Typically, males prefer getting tats that includes names of their beloved or kids, or something very close to them. So, all the handsome who are willing to get their chest inked, think for a while what is the most close to you.

3. Tribal Tattoo

Tattoo Designs based on Tribal culture have been popular since ages. These are special and sacred tattoos as they are personalized tattoos and that not everyone can get hold on them. These are also called as a conversation starter, arousing the curiosity of people to ask you about the meaning and motive of the tattoo.

4. Minimalistic Tattoo

This year minimal tattoo designs will be common. Instead of getting those bulky tattoo designs covering the entire site, folk will prefer getting short and simple tattoo designs. More and more people will get tattoos in this celebrity-endorsed styling.

5. Sleeve Tattoo

Perfect fit for men and women, however men love having sleeve tattoos. These looks like wearing full sleeve apparel. Many options are there for the designs, white ink, colorful and black. They’re fun to describe and even interesting. You can get them on either half sleeve or covering from shoulder to palms.

6. Neck Tattoos

Before discussing further, it should be noted that this area is the most sensitive area to get the tattoos. As such, you’ll feel immense pain during the process, even for a small tattoo. Decide well before what design you actually can tolerate the pain of. The bigger the tat, the greater is the pain. Among the design ideas, you can your neck etched in the tattoo including a bird or any inset like spider, stars and feathers. etc.

7. White Inked Tattoo

Not truly a new style of tattoo, yet 2016 will see a rise in this tattoo styling. Surely this tattoo trend will change your tattoos outlook styles completely. However, white ink tattoo design is mainly womanish. White tats are mainly etched for those tattoos that rates whole beauty and kind of our wonderful world and individual characteristic traits. Designs have no limit. You can think of anything – love, nature, tribal, quotes, etc.
So,…what’s your choice?

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