Tattoo Removal Scarring – Tips to Reduce the Risks Involved!

August 27, 2017   1292

With more and more people having tattoos these days, the number of tattoo removals are also increasing. In case, you are planning to get rid of your tattoo, here is something useful. Read on.Tattoo Removal Scarring - Tips to Reduce the Risks Involved!

Do you know around 40% of Americans (26-40 years) adore a tattoo?

Yes, people love to get inked and they flaunt their design. But after sometime many of them realise that it is not working for them anymore. Yes, around 17% of them regret for their decision later in life.

What more surprising is that approximately 11% of them go for tattoo removal!

Hence, if you are not in love with your old tattoo anymore, you aren’t all alone. There are many like you who are desperately trying to get rid of them. With a great number of people reconsidering the decisions they made in the past, different ways to remove tattoos are getting popular.

Well, you can go with any of those, but you can count only on the ones which work without scarring your skin. Find out some essential things which every tattoo removal practice needs to have;

What is tattoo removal scarring?

The idea of getting rid of your unwanted ink can turn daunting. Actually, when carried out by not-so-skilled artist, removing tattoos end up with significant permanent scarring. This is not necessary as it depends on number of factors like age, location, and depth of the original artwork.

Will ink depth make a difference?

Yes, it is true- the deeper into the skin ink has been injected, invasive will be the procedure to remove the same. In order to remove the ink successfully, you need to get checked how deep ink has been inserted. It never means that a deep, well placed tattoo will definitely leave scars if removed. However, the increased depth means a longer process and a more invasive method.

Will prior pre-treatment help reducing chances of scarring and other risks?

Yes, there are several ways which when used before any removal treatment can help you achieving good results. For instance, when any topical creams are used in combination with invasive methods these effectively reduce the likelihood of tattoo removal scarring.

Similarly, if you fear for the pain, you can count on a lidocaine based cream like Dr. Numb which when applied to the skin can help keeping pain at bay. In such a case, you can apply it 45 minutes beforehand and it will make you skin numb for 3 to 4 hours. Thus, you can have the process done without any fear.

Plus, this cream is a water based solution. This means, it will never interfere with the effectiveness of the procedure. Isn’t that simple now!

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