Strong Feelings Pave Way For Unrepentant Tattoo

August 03, 2018   795

Although people with number of tattoos are increasing day by day but at the same time people with regret are also increasing at high rate. Did you know, 1 out of 5 adults has at least one tattoo and 25% of people out of 500 had tattoo regret?

The reason can be any but a tattoo that takes birth with just passing by emotions end up in regret. So, it is highly advisable to wait for your emotions to get mature before giving them a permanent place on your skin.


The article shares few experiences of people that prove that if your emotions are robust, your tattoo will never end up in regret, else it will turn out to be an ornament that will always enhance your beauty.

  • A strong feeling in heart of mother finally ended the vicious cycle of her tattoos full of regret

“I am a waiter and working since last 20 years. I was just 18 when my boyfriend left me for someone else. But he gifted me with twin daughters in my womb. I decided to give them birth and revolve my life around them. But the day he left me, my body became a canvas which got addicted to the ink of a tattoo.  In the first year of my breakup, I got 20 tattoos on my body and at present, I have 52 tattoos on my body. Each tattoo is a regret which urged me to get another one and hence in total I got 52 tattoos till now. People started judging me for my tattoos and I had no clue how to face them.

At an age of 38, I got a feeling of fooling myself since long with getting a new tattoo every other month. I made up my mind that I will go for the 53rd tattoo and this tattoo will be my life. As my life is my daughters, I have decided to ink their names on my wrist and finish this journey of the tattoo with a smile on face.

“I wanted my birthplace to be always with me wherever I am, so I decided to get myself inked because I thought this will be the best platform to make my memory permanent forever. Although, the design which I chose was not so unique, big and visible to others, but for me this is a priceless and satisfied my need.

I decided a tattoo design with outline of the state of California on the inside of my left ring finger. I chose this location so that I can feely fully engaged with my state, no matter wherever I go.

 I am happy I took a very wise decision to get this tattoo which is not any other accessory; else it’s an asset which will live with me forever and will keep on motivating me.”

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