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When technology shakes hand with nature, it gives birth to revolution and whole world welcomes it with smile. People love the revolutions, discuss it, use it and keep on using it till the next one comes into existence.


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The seeds of hair have been sown in one body by the nature and are continuously watered with time, thereby turning it into an unwanted tree of hairs. But people have accepted this with regret and love at same time.

This was the disappointment of the people on hair that they started to continuously make advancements in finding new technology to remove the unwanted hair from the body. They succeeded and getting a hairless, smooth skin is no longer a rocket science.

But not everything comes free. Every hair removal techniques demand the tax in return. The tax maybe in form of pain, razor burns, ingrown hairs, super fast hair re-growth and long waiting hours of salon.

Keeping into mind the effectiveness and long lasting results, most of the women prefer to follow the route of waxing for the hair removal although it comes with pain and long bills. Next time you visit the salon and sitting in the waiting area, just try to figure it out how much you spend on your hair removal and you will be amazed when you come to conclusion.

According to a study, about 21% of women use waxing as hair removal method and average amount of money a woman will spend in her life on shaving related products is whooping 10000$.

What if I tell you an angel has landed on earth in form of HARD WAX BEANS, paving way for painless waxing? Amazed? But it’s a reality and if you didn’t knew about it, this will be the best gift of yours in upcoming Christmas and New Year, 2018. Let’s discuss about it in the following article.

What actually is Hard Wax Beans?

Let me introduce to your new friend, Hard Wax Beans. They actually look like gems candy but unfortunately they are not your meal and fortunately they are meal for your skin.
They are actually specially formulated depilatory wax and the basic ingredient that they carry is ROSIN, which is a natural form of resin extracted from pine trees and other coniferous pants.

Speaking aloud “NO PAIN AND ONLY GAIN”

Why and how they don’t cause any pain on removal of hair?
Thanks to the formula of the wax that allows the wax to stick only to your hairs and not the skin. This wax only loves your hair and don’t want to have any extra marital affairs with your skin. They are just interested to take away their love from you in most peaceful manner possible. This means no more a mess and bruises because of waxing.

Usage of Beans

As far as the usage of these hard beans is concerned, it is as easy to use as your smart phone. Just go into your past and quickly gather your moments how you were struggling to use your smart phone initially and now you are a champion in using a smart phone.

Similar is the case with the Hard Beans, initially you might find difficulty in using it, so a quick tip to use it on your arms first to get familiar with them and later using them anywhere you want with ease.

Their grip is really tight as it get hardens and easily removes all your hairs from the skin with ease.

What makes Hard Beans better than other stuff?

Once you apply the melted wax on your skin, they directly stick to your hairs and as it dries and get hardens, it requires no help of any other external agent other than your fingers to peel it off and achieve the miracle.

As it does not come in contact to your skin if applied and used correctly, so you are free from bruises, cuts or rashes.
Painless waxing may sound as oxymoron;
But Hard Wax beans is a treat with less number of con.

Step-by-step breakdown of procedure

The corrective usage of Hard Wax Beans will result in painless and effective method of hair removal. To achieve that lets breakdown the steps:

  1. Ensure that your skin is completely dry and clean before you use the wax.
  2. Pour the beans in the wax warmer or microwave and let it get melted to a suitable temperature. You can test the temperature by using a small amount of melted wax on your inner part of the wrist which will allow you to decide whether you are ready to use the melted wax.
  3. Now, check the direction of your hair growth where you intend to use the wax and apply the wax in same direction using a stick, making its thick layer. At the edges, it is advised to leave the wax thicker because as it gets dried up, it will provide you with proper grip.
  4. Now just sit and relax for while with headphones on your ears. Keep tapping your wax with the music to test the progress of it and as it cools down, you are ready for the climax.
  5. Now just grasp the wax patch by the edge and using your fingers just peel it off in a SINGLE GO. The reason of highlighting single go is to achieve the painless end, else peeling it off slowly may result into pain.
  6. Now just have a look at your skin. Although you won’t find any redness on your skin, if still you find it, you can use any effective cream to heal your redness.
  7. Keep repeating the process until you achieve the desired results of your hair-free skin.

The results will be overwhelming and I am pretty much sure you are going to welcome a new family member into your family by end of 2017.

Enjoy your waxing and instead of tears, bring smile on your face because smile is the best thing one can wear.


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