How to Prepare for Brazilian Waxing?

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What is Brazilian waxing? Is it different from bikini waxing? How to prepare for Brazilian waxing? Find here everything you wanted to know about Brazilian waxing.How to Prepare for Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian waxing is just like bikini waxing with the only difference that it is used to remove more hair than the latter.

A Brazilian waxing removes the front, sides, back and everything in between. It may leave a strip of pubic hair in the front. Considering that it covers your entire “pubic” area, you are required to get it done without inner wear.

Some reasons for getting a Brazilian waxing are hygiene, convenience and attractiveness. Most women prefer it before their beach holidays. Some women get it done so that their partner can enjoy intimate moments with them.

It was called Brazilian waxing because it was introduced by a group of Brazilian women in 1987. Today, it has become one of the popular hair removal methods in the U.S. today.

Since it is bit different from bikini waxing, you must be curious to know preparation steps, pain factor and aftercare associated with it. Here we have covered everything you wanted to know about Brazilian waxing.

First of all, let’s know how to prepare for Brazilian waxing:

How to Prepare for Brazilian Waxing?

Let Your Pubic Hairs Grow:

Make sure your pubic hairs are quarter-inch long. This is because the waxing strips can grab the hair appropriately which in turns lead to better removal. To achieve that length, you need to avoid razor for nearly three weeks. If your pubic hairs are quarter inch long, you can think about waxing appointment.

Choose the Right Professionals:

Your next step will be finding a right waxing professional.

Choose the one who is experienced, licensed and expert in women waxing. You don’t want someone who does the job just because she can. It is even important when it comes to pubic hair removal. You can ask your friends and family. Check out review sites. Make sure to visit the spa days before your appointment to take a note of cleanliness and see what kind of experience they have.

You should also shop around for rates. An average rate for Brazilian waxing started from $60 in the USA. Here you can look for a discount.  However, you should avoid getting inferior waxing service, no matter how cheaper it is.

Avoid it During Your Period or a Few Days Before:

If your periods fall in coming days or they are already on, avoid getting bikini or Brazilian waxing. This is because your skin is super sensitive during these days. So, it makes sense to get appointment after your period is over.

Do Stretching Exercises:

A flexible skin helps you tolerate pain and discomfort. Do yoga or the stretching workouts like The Runner’s Stretch, Standing Side Stretch, Forward Hang, and Low Lunge Arch days before.

Exfoliate a Night Before Your Appointment:

Exfoliation removes dead skin layers and exposes the hidden hair beneath. In this way it takes the hairs to the skin area which can be easily pulled out on the first attempt. First of all, take warm shower and clean the areas using a mild soap. Apply a pea sized exfoliating cream to a body brush and scrub gently your bikini area. Make sure the exfoliation content doesn’t enter your inner labia. Rinse it off with warm water and pat dry with a clean towel. Don’t use body lotion on that area.

Preparation on the Day of Your Waxing…

Waxing Does Hurt. Use Numbing Cream:

It can’t be denied that Brazilian waxing is more painful than bikini waxing.

However, everyone is different in their tolerance and perception to pain. In this scenario, you should use a topical numbing cream.

Also known as topical anesthetic, these creams temporarily dull your pain receptors that send pain signals to the brain. In this way, you don’t feel anything done to your skin. Make sure to choose the right numbing cream which can keep your skin numb for hours or according to the time frame of the session.

Well, you can trust over Dr. Numb, a widely recommended numbing cream for critical skin processes like tattooing, piercing and waxing.

Using numbing cream is simple. All you need to apply it over the area to be treated an hour before waxing. Cover it with a plastic wrap. After an hour, remove the cover. Your skin is ready for painless Brazilian waxing.

Don’t Take Coffee or Caffeine Beverages

Resist your temptation for a cup of coffee as it makes your skin too sensitive to tolerate pain. Therefore, skip a cup of coffee before or during your waxing session. Instead, take 8 to 10 glasses of water before your appointment as it keeps your skin hydrated.

Take Painkillers Few Minutes Before:

Before heading in to your waxing room, take OTC painkilling drugs like ibuprofen, Advil, Tylenol and acetaminophen minimizes your pain. It not only minimizes your pain but also eases the signs of swelling afterwards. It not only keeps your pain in control but ease the symptoms of the swelling later on.

Wear Loose Clothes:

Don’t wear skinny jeans or tight outfit as it may cause pain and soreness after the waxing. Prefer loose and comfortable garments and cotton underwear to let your skin breathe.

Post Care…

  • Avoid wearing tight pants or innerwear for the next few days.
  • Keep your hands away from touching freshly waxed skin, as this can trigger irritation or small pimples.
  • Avoid taking hot bath for the rest of the day as soaking in water can cause irritation or pimples.
  • Avoid involving in sexual activity for a day or two.
  • Avoid exercise for a day as the sweat can lead to irritation and infection down there. If you want to do workout, do it before your waxing appointment.

So, you must have understood what to do and what to avoid before or during your Brazilian waxing. You can talk to waxing expert in case of any doubt.

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