People Describe What Tattoo Pain Is Really Like

June 20, 2018   3931

“Tattoos do hurt. Tattoos are painful.”

We have said such phrases many times in our blogs.

This is a no brainer—tattoos are made penetrating the skin, so pain is an obvious part of the process. Right?

The pain level in tattooing is determined by the placement, pain threshold and (sometimes) the expertise of a tattoo artist. Generally, the pain is tolerable, especially if the tattoo is done on the fleshy parts.

However, tattooing is not tolerable all the time. Many people reported that pain was severe when the process covers the boney parts or due to the long process.

Nothing can describe what it is to go through the tattooing pain than real people experiences given below…

When Needle Puncturesthe Skin to Strike at Bones…

“I have a quote tattooed on my right foot. My first tattoo! It wasn’t as painful as I’d expected it to be – not by a long way – but he started by my toes & worked towards the ankle bone. Now I will say that was a little uncomfortable, I kept my eyes closed around the ankle bone as it did feel a little like the needle was actually puncturing the skin & catching the bone! I already had half a tattoo so there was no way I was going to make him stop! It didn’t last long & I knew I really wanted it so some deep breaths & relaxation & I have a gorgeous tattoo! It certainly put me off though – it really IS addictive – as my next two were on my left foot! Not by the ankle bone I might add, two dog outlines this time with a tiny dash of colour, and I thought the pain to be much much less but maybe I was just aware of what I was in for & decided it was worth it. I’d liken it to a feeling of pinpricks crossed with a slight dragging sensation. To be honest, it’s more painful plucking your eyebrows or using an epilator, and I’d sooner get a tattoo than use a wax strip any day!”

Tedious and Uncomfortable Due to Long Sessions…

“Yes it hurts, in much the same way as everyone has described, however it stops and starts … each time the artist stops the needle the pain pretty much goes away (apart from the residual feeling) so its different to constant pain as there are many moments where it ceases to hurt. Any decent artist will happily stop whenever you want them to, to recover quickly. Over long sessions it’s just more tedious and uncomfortable than anything to be honest.”


Running Finger Nail over Skin…Drawing On the Skin with a Pen…

“I have several tattoos, all small > 3 inches, and the biggest “pain component” was location. My first, was on my shoulder blade, and the closest pain I can describe is running your finger nail over your skin with constant pressure. It “sort of” hurt, but it was more of an annoyance at the time, that began to ache later. My second, was on the back of my neck, and hurt like the dickens. I swear I felt every flippin stick of the tattoo needle. My third, on the curve of my arm over my shoulder, felt like someone drawing on me with a heavy ball point pen, it really wasn’t that painful, just constant heavy pressure.

All and all, I think tattoo pain is determined more by location and tattoo design, to easily quantify”

Best advice: Don’t get a tattoo in any place that will stretch/shrink, but someplace with a little bit of flesh will help pain-wise.”


Chest Tattoo was more Painful…

“The most painful for me was the tattoo on my chest, close to my collarbone. I thought that was way worse than the ribs, but none of my tattoos haven’t been anywhere near painful enough to make me say, “That’s enough.” I constantly want to go back for more. Remember, the pain is temporary, the tattoo is forever. Just do it.”



It’s Like “Being Cut with a Knife”…

“I have a full sleeve on my right arm going from my wrist to the lower end of my shoulder blade with some spike on ym (sic) neck and chest.

Did it hurt? ofc (sic) anyone saying it don’t is either high or playing some kind of macho game, the best way i can personally describe is the lines kinda (sic) feels like being cut with a knife while the shading(filling) are more in the area of a skin scrape that you get from tripping on your bike or something like that, but like @smelltheglove said the endorphins starts to kick in after about 7-10min and then it mostly just feel like having a sunburn same with the morning after.

so yea it hurts but not like OMG imgonna (sic) die.

a good advise (sic) tho if your (sic) going for a longer session is to make sure your (sic)  notlaking fluid (dont drink alcohol) or suger and have a good meal befor (sic) hand, having failed to do this i started to get a bit drausy (sic) after 3 hours in the chair, but when i did make sure of the these things i took a 9hour session no problem.”


A Numbing Cream Could Be their Answer to Pain in Tattooing…

All of these users could make their tattooing painless, had they used a numbing cream. Numbing cream is a topical anesthetic which dulls the skin patch so that you can’t feel anything happening to your skin. Simply put, the cream just desensitizes your skin before the process. The numbing effect lasts up to 2 hours.

Dr. Numb is an effective and safe numbing cream for tattooing and other processes like piercing, laser, waxing and surgical incisions.

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