Does Numbing Cream Work for Lip Injections

October 23, 2014   3295

Numbing creams can be used to anesthetize the lip area before beginning the lip injection treatment as it is often all that is required for ultimate comfort.


Lip augmentation or lip injection treatment is performed on patients desiring voluminous lips. While most women wish to have well defined & pouty lips, many of them do not have such lips naturally.

Also, many people also observe their lips thinning out with age. Thinning of lips is a natural process, but can be accelerated with smoking habits.

Right Candidates for Lip Augmentation

If you think you have thin lips, or if you have uneven lip contours, then lip augmentation is the apt procedure for you. Also, if your lips have thinned out with the passage of time, getting lip injections is advisable for you.

But remember, this procedure is not recommended if you’re prone to getting skin eruptions or cold sores.

How Lip Augmentation Procedure Is Performed

Lip augmentation procedure is performed by making use of some wrinkle filler injectable. Various materials such as fat, collagen or hyaluronic acid can be used depending upon your requirement.

Before the procedure starts, a quality skin numbing cream such as Dr. Numb is applied on the area to be treated to maximize the comfort.

Later, the filler is then injected into the areas that required volume enhancement.

What to Expect During Recovery

It is very common to experience some swelling and soreness after the lip augmentation treatment. You may feel fuller lips immediately after the treatment, but as the swelling subsides the fullness of the lips adjusts accordingly.

For quick recovery doctors recommend the use of Dr. Numb, skin numbing cream. The cream not only delivers ultimate numbness, but its Vitamin E content also prepares the skin for a much rapid healing. This is made possible because the cream is replenished with Vitamin E, a nutrient vital for skin healing.

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