Does Numbing Cream Work for Cartilage Piercings

October 23, 2014   1206

Getting cartilage piercings is a decision that many women continue to postpone indefinitely. Most of them are just too afraid of the pain and discomfort involved during and after cartilage piercings.

Numbing Cream for Cartilage Piercings

Now that you are searching for answers whether numbing creams really allay the pain caused at the time a needle punctures your ear’s soft cartilage or not, chances are that you have almost made up your mind. Congratulations.

Whether its daith, helix, rook or any other piercing type you are opting for, be assured that you can successfully deal with the pain by using a good quality topical numbing anesthetic. Just don’t buy a random over-the-counter numbing cream that promises quick results.

A numbing cream such as Dr Numb, with Lidocaine as the chief ingredient can easily block the nerve endings in the target area (on and around the ear cartilage), thereby preventing the transmission of pain signals to your brain. Since pain signals don’t make it to your brain, you will feel no or negligible pain when a needle punctures your ear’s cartilage to make room for the stud you want to sport.

Dr Numb numbing cream for cartilage piercings has to be applied about half an hour in advance. In most cases, the artist responsible for carrying out the piercing would have a numbing cream like Dr Numb in stock already but if you are want to be doubly sure about the pain, just get yourself of a pack of Dr Numb numbing cream tubes. Not just cartilage piercings, the cream will also come handy for scores of other skincare procedures including tattooing, waxing, laser hair removal, etc.

Just in case you feel pain in your ear’s cartilage once the piercing is done (cartilage does take some time to heal completely), you can use Dr Numb numbing cream to deal with the pain.

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