Does Numbing Cream Minimize Rheumatism?

September 19, 2014   2837

Relying on painkillers to fight off the rheumatic pain can be difficult as we know some drugs are neither safe nor effective. So, is there any alternate, effective therapy to minimize rheumatism? Read along to find out!

Does Numbing Cream Minimize Rheumatism?

Rheumatism is a general and non-specific term used for describing symptoms of swelling, inflammation and pain in the muscles, joints and surrounding soft tissues. Arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis and gout are just three of the more than 100 types of rheumatic diseases.

Symptoms of Rheumatism

Most people with rheumatism may experience muscle pain, joint pain or both.

The pain is generally caused by inflammation and is experienced to varying degrees by patients. It may be accompanied by stiffness of a joint or limitation in movement of the painful parts of the body.

Fighting Rheumatism Pain without Pills

Dr Numb is classified as non-oil based topical anesthetic cream that comprises of the purest and highest form of Lidocaine as allowed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The cream does not interfere with the elasticity of the skin making it safe to effectively reduce the rheumatic pain.

Treating rheumatism with topical 5% Lidocaine has resulted in significant improvements in pain intensity, stiffness and physical functions in many patients.

Dr Numb has been proved to very effective in alleviating pain on a daily basis.

Benefits of Using Dr Numb for Rheumatism

Dr Numb works by blocking the pain signal transmitted by nerve endings on the skin. When applied to the affected area, it brings induces a strong feeling of numbness, thus relieving the patient from the pain. The key benefits of this powerful numbing cream include:

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Preserve movement
  •  Prevent damage to bones and ligaments of joints
  • Free of any possible side-effects


Does Numbing Cream minimize rheumatism?

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