Mole Removal: Surgical v/s non-surgical processes!

April 27, 2016   2336

Just as there are many reasons why you want to remove the moles from your skin, there are a number of different methods to get rid of them. While some prefer going for surgical treatments, other love to keep closer with nature. The ground fact is that there are pros and cons related to both, i.e. surgery and to natural mole removal remedies. Let’s explore in detail.

Having moles on your body? Well that’s pretty common. There is nothing different, as almost everyone has one or more on some or the other part of their body. These are not life threatening. However, when people develop them in conspicuous areas, it becomes necessary to remove them. Those prominent moles can really turn embarrassing, and in such a situation the only option you are left with is- removal.

Now the question arises, how to get the mole removed? As far as experts are to be believed, one should consider seeking care from a doctor or dermatologist. The professional assistance help you save time, but yes it costs you a hefty amount. One the other hand there are natural methods too for removing your moles.When it is home remedies for mole removal, these can be used as per your convenience. Being a safer option, these cost you too low as compared to the surgical methods. But that’s not only the difference.

Hence, if you have a mole or more, which contains a mix of colors, i.e. browns, tans, reds, pinks, etc., here is something you must know about their removal.

Pros and Cons for Home Remedies vs. Surgical Mole Removal

Firstly, when it is about the home remedies for removing moles, these are gaining higher popularity for varying reasons.

  • These are highly effective in removing every type of mole, i.e. body and facial mole.
  • These solutions come without a high price tag attached.
  • Along with the much less cost, there is much less risk of scarring.
  • These methods are safer.
  • These processes are painless; reason being there is not cuts and stitches involved.

Understanding the process…

Home remedies cost you very less and the reason is that the active ingredients used are easy to find. You will get them easily in your local grocery store. Another fact mentioned is the lower risk of scarring. Basically, the active ingredients used are typically acid based. Hence, it works on the removal of the mole, meanwhile preventing a residual scar or darkened area .

Alternatively, surgical methods come with some major benefits including:

  • These solutions are less time consuming.
  • These are performed by experts.
  • The results appear faster.

Understanding the process…

As far as the most common medical procedures for removing a mole, shaving or cutting the mole turns out to be a magical procedure for those who want to get rid of these unwanted mole pigments.In these surgical treatments, the doctor uses a local anesthesia and then cuts the mole at its base. In case, the mole pigment extends into the lower layers of your skin, then it becomes necessary for the doctor to move out the pigment from the lower layers as well. This might results into a larger wound. Hence, it can turn bit dangerous and painful.

When it is about the disadvantages of home remedies, the only thing to be noticed here is that home remedies can take a longer time for the mole to completely fade. When compared with surgical removal, this could take up to a couple of months to remove a larger mole. Hence, if you want a quick change, home remedies might not be that helpful!

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