Locations That You Should Avoid And Prefer To Get A Tattoo

June 26, 2018   775

When it comes to a tattoo, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? It might be tattoo design or tattoo artist or tattoo location. An ideal tattoo takes birth when all its factors are thoroughly researched. Getting lenient over a single factor can also result in a frivolous tattoo that you will regret forever. Tattoo Location is one such factor that comes into play while you are planning to get a tattoo.

Good tattoo location will make sure that you adore your tattoo for a longer period of time. So apart from putting all your energy just to find a good tattoo artist and good tattoo design, it is advised to channelize it and use it wisely in all areas, including tattoo location.

The article shares few locations that you must avoid because of quick rate of fading and few locations that you can prefer for a healthy looking tattoo.

Locations where tattoos fade quickly…

  • Inside palm

Inside the palm, the skin is very hard for the ink to stay; hence the tattoo in no-time will just wear out. The same holds true for the fingers where ink doesn’t stay easily on the skin. Tattoos in these areas end up getting faded quickly and look like a grey blur 99% of the time. So, if you are planning to get a tattoo in such areas, think twice and change your mind.

·     Feet

Feet are the parts of the body where socks and shoes reside and hence on a constant basis, socks and shoes get rubbed against the tattoos which make them fade at a faster rate. However, if you intend to live barefoot for your entire lifetime, you can go ahead with a tattoo on your feet. IIt may last longer.

·      Hands

Colored ink on the hands will never look as bright as it should and unfortunately black will not be as bold as you wish for. The reason is same- the skin on the hands is so hard that the ink hardly stays there for long period of time. Moreover, in human body hands are the parts that are used incessantly. The little fat present beneath the skin of the hands allows the tattoos to fade more quickly.

·       Armpit/inside of the upper arm

While you are writing, eating, performing exercise or any other tasks, you will tend to move your arm constantly, which paves way for the friction on the inside of the armpit area that results in fading of the ink at a higher rate.

Ideal Location for long-lasting tattoos…

  • Your Inner Forearms

Forearms can stretch and contract with changes in both muscles and fat, hence it is the best position on the arm that can effectively avoid the signs of aging. However, please note that your entire forearm is not immune of fading, the outer surfaces of the arms are very much prone to the sun damage and hence this particular location must be avoided for a long-lasting tattoo.

  • The Upper, Outer Areas Of Your Chest

Note that you may have witnessed little freckles or wrinkles branching out from your cleavage, but not all your chest is ever-changing canvas. The uppermost part of the chest, which remains covered with clothes most of the time are saved from the sun rays and are also do not see the signs of aging or effect of weight fluctuation. However, getting a tattoo at this location can be relatively more painful than other locations. So, if you can tolerate the pain of getting a tattoo at this location, it will be one of the best tattoos you will ever have.

  • The Back Of Your Neck

The back is that part of your body which makes you look younger even in your old age. So, make full use of this location if you wish to get a tattoo. Tattoo at this location will adorn your personality for a lifetime. A tattoo below your back hairline will always remain young and you can easily flaunt your tattoo if you usually wear your hair down over it.

  • The Center Of Your Lower Back

The body is very subjective to stretching and contracting from pregnancy and weight loss. One spot that is immune to such changes is the center of your lower back. The tattoo at this location would definitely look better with age.

Also, try to keep your tattoo of little bigger size and avoid too many small tattoos as they fade very quickly. If you wish your tattoo to last at least 40-50 years, choose a bigger tattoo design and avoid all sorts of smaller design. Learn from our older generation. They preferred tattoos to be bold and simple. Follow the same approach. The tattoo is a lifetime asset. Think wisely before getting it on your skin.

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