Learn More about Micro needling to Keep Your Skin Problem Free

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Also known as collagen induction therapy, micro needling, is nowadays a highly talked about topic in the cosmetic industry. While dermatologists have been using it for decades to treat facial scars, recently it has seen a surge in popularity for keeping aging signs at bay. Here you will find out all the details about this process. Read on.

Learn More about Micro needling to Keep Your Skin Problem Free

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Does micro needling sound like an intimidating procedure?

Well, in most cases the answer would be YES for the reason that it contains the word “needle” in its name. However, the treatment has proved its existence for years now and is considered a more effective way to treat skin for various benefits.

Basically, it is known to be helpful in building collagen and thickening the skin. Hence, it is not like the routine facial treatments which offer good looking skin for just a few days. It works in a different manner which leaves your skin smoother and more radiant, for much longer period. Plus, it is a much safer procedure. Below is the answer to all those questions coming through your mind after knowing a little about micro needling;

What Is Micro needling?

It is a skin treatment which is popular with many other names like Dermapen and Rejuvapen. This treatment involves usage of a tool which comes with number of super-tiny needles. As far as the needle length is concerned it can vary as per the skin’s condition. It can be anywhere between 0.5 and 2.5 millimeters. Basically, your professional will determine which needle length will suit you. However, you need to understand that 0.5 millimeters is the smallest amount which will penetrate through the stratum cornea, which is the superficial layer of skin.

So, you can think of micro needling as collagen induction which will create micro-punctures with the help of needles in your skin. Now it is your body’s natural reaction which will help treat a small wound the same way as a large wound. This means it will sends fibroblasts to create more collagen in the affected area. Hence, it is equivalent to tricking your skin into thinking that it has been wounded. And the end result would be thickening the skin with improved texture.

Who Need Micro needling?

The best part about this treatment is that you can use it for various reasons. For instance, if you need to grow a thicker skin, you’re probably a good candidate for micro needling.

Secondly, it is a great treatment for acne scarring. As it doesn’t use heat and is totally mechanical, this can be used to treat all sorts of skin colors and types.

Whenever you need a solution which can be used for smoothing out the skin and filling in acne scars, altogether, micro needling turns out to be wonderful. Plus, if you have those small bumps from clogged pores, this can be used to clear all of that up as well. However, you need to ensure that you don’t treat any inflamed or infected areas on your skin.

Will Micro needling Hurt?

Just imagine a number of sharply pointed needles being injected to your skin. Of course, the idea of getting needles inserted into your face appears to be daunting. And yes, the process is painful.

However, for the sake of skincare, it is a good way to treat several skin problems. In such a case, you don’t need to keep away from the process just due to the pain caused. There’s no questioning about the treatment’s effectiveness, but you need to look for a solution to reduce the pain. You can consider using Dr. Numb, a topical anesthetic cream which comes with 5% lidocaine. It is one of the most recommended and trustable numbing creams available. You can rest assure for the quality as this product is FDA certified. Thus, you can apply it just 45 minutes before you start with the treatment and enjoy a pain-free micro needling. It works by blocking the pain signals for at least 3 to 4 hours.

Which Areas on the Body Can Be Treated?

You can use micro needling for different purposes. It isn’t exclusive to just the face area. Just ensure that the treatment is carried out on the surface area where the body needs to be thickened. It can include areas like where you have stretch marks, like the legs, chest, or butt. With just 4 to 6 sessions on average you can feel the change.

How Often You Can Get It Done?

Well, this will depend on the severity of the issue. For example, if your skin is generally fine and you take care of it, you can get it done after every 3 to 6 months. However, if you are someone with dramatic acne scarring you need to plan one session per month, at least for coming 4 to 6 months. Later, you can go for a touch-up whenever you feel like you to give your skin a reboot.

What To Do Afterwards?

The first and foremost thing you need to know is that you’ll have to avoid putting on makeup for the rest of the day, at least for 24 hours. Later, it’s totally safe to wear light and natural makeup. It is advised that you shouldn’t use too much of retinol or anything too active for a few days. You can try applying a serum for healthy skin. It can be used more in the morning, and you can go back to your regular makeup routine.

Are There Any Risks?

Experts consider micro needling to be a safer and cost effective solution. Actually, it would cost you a quarter of the price of getting multiple laser treatments. However, the results will severely depend on the skill level of the practitioner. When compared to other processes for skin rejuvenation, micro needling tends to be a comfortable procedure with low risk and short recovery.

However, just like any other procedure, micro needling can cause possible complications. These can vary from bruising, infection, bleeding, scarring, to pigment problems. But with expert’s guidance and supervision you can benefit from this treatment immensely.


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