Laser Tattoo Removal – the Santa’s Gift

November 10, 2017   1117

With the medium of an article in INDEPENDENT, Barry Crake, a micro-pigmentation technician quoted that “There are approximately 20 million people with tattoos in this country (UK) and I’d suggest at least 15 million regret having them”.

Laser Tattoo Removal - the Santa’s Gift

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According to study, 11% of Americans with tattoos have either had removed or are planning to have one removed. Tattoos since invent has been the carrier of one’s emotion and these days even passing by emotion act as a pushing factor to get oneself inked. Why so? Thanks to the laser technology for removal of tattoo which can correct your mistake easily.

You put a lot of efforts, time and bear pain to get yourself inked, so taking it off and again going through the whole process is a big decision. Many factors emerge in one’s life to come to the conclusion of getting the tattoo removed.

How does Laser technology work?

The laser has a very high energy and this high energy takes up the charge to break the tattoo ink into little particles. Once the ink is totally broken down, it is absorbed by the skin easily.

The process can cause a little discomfort but a topical anesthetic numbing cream can be used to eliminate the pain.

Let’s get familiar with some facts regarding Laser Tattoo removal treatment:

  • Size of Tattoo does not matter

What do you think about the result of the race between a fat man and a slim man? What you are thinking is maybe wrong, even a fat man can win easily from other guy. Size actually doesn’t matter.

Same is the case with tattoo. Whether the tattoo is big or small, it does not matter and it will have very little impact on how quickly your tattoo will fade. Even if the tattoo is of the size of pea or of the size of carrot, both have to undergo the same procedure and same number of sessions.

  • Cigarettes: A lose-lose situation

Buying a pack of cigarette is not only harmful for your health but also for the health of your tattoo. Smoking actually slows down the blood circulation. So it is advised that you quit smoking in advance to your laser removal appointment, else you will end up spending more money on your tattoo removal. Although quitting it for lifetime will be an added bonus for you.

  • Lasers does not remove your ink

Laser is not an eraser which just rubs away your ink. As discussed, it is a technology which breaks up the ink into tiny little particles. This enables the body’s immune system to dispose of the ink as the skin absorbs the ink and advances to the bloodstream, which takes it to the kidneys and then when you urinate or sweat, the ink goes along with it.

It’s a relatively slow process so you need to be patient and wait for the effective results.

  • Does Tattoo removal hurt?

Laser Tattoo removal does involve pain to some extent but it is mostly bearable, rest it depends on your threshold. The pain incurred during tattoo removal is same as someone hitting a rubber band to your skin, it means you might feel uncomfortable but pain is bearable.

Most of the artists do use some effective numbing cream before initiating the procedure which can make your tattoo removal a painless procedure.

  • Side-effects of treatment

Side-effects of all the medicine you intake is not considered good but please note side-effects of tattoo removal treatment through laser technique is a positive sign, so do note down the following common side-effects that might arise from the treatment:

  1. Swelling;
  2. Blistering;
  3. Redness;
  4. Tenderness and
  5. Bruising

Always take in depth knowledge from the artist who will treat your tattoo. Get all your queries solved and always make sure the artist performing a treatment on your skin is a skilled one because sometimes its side-effects are really daunting.

  • Skin Contrast- More the contrast, easier to forget the past

More the contrast between your tattoo and the skin, more easy it will be for the treatment to remove the tattoo and bring back your skin to normal state. For instance, a person with black skin having a tattoo with black ink will find difficult to remove a tattoo from his skin whereas it will be easy for the fairer skin to get rid of the same tattoo.

  • Location of the tattoo

Location does matter if the question of tattoo removal is considered. More closer is the tattoo to your heart, better is the blood circulation and hence better are the chances of your tattoo getting fade early.

In nutshell, fading is generally slower for the tattoos located further down the arms or legs as they are further from the heart.

Is tattoo a SIGTMA? Oh! You think I have spelled stigma wrong? No worries, it’s easy to be rubbed and rectified now.

Tattoos are no longer the stigma or regret for you. Make the best use of the tattoo and try to choose one which you won’t regret in future, else LASER TATTOO REMOVAL rocks.

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