How To Get Fuller And Plumper Lips With Derma Roller?

August 05, 2018   658

You might have been known to dermarolling for treating various skin problems. But do you know that it is becoming quite popular for getting fuller lips? Want to know more? Read on.

Do you want your lips to look plumper?

This has been a lot in trend recently. Did you check on how YouTube star Michelle Phan got it done? She trusted microneedling to plump her lips. And this video leads to an increase in people’s interest in how this method works.

Of course, there are a good number of options like getting lip injections, but still, that doesn’t seem to be in everyone’s budget. It adds to another reason why people are more interested in this method for fuller lips.

So are you too interested in using dermarollers to fill out your lip area? If yes, then it becomes essetianl to first know about the process in detail.

What is dermarolling?

It is defined as the act of using a derma roller. Now, what is a derma roller?

Basically, it is a small handheld cylindrical shaped device which comes with hundreds of tiny needles. It is the same device which is rolled over your skin for multiple reasons. Being classified by needle size, these can vary in size range anywhere from 0.25mm to 3.0mm. Usually, the one 1.5mm is being the most common.

Coming back to the process, this device (dermaroller) is used to create tiny cuts on the skin. Now after this artificial formation of cuts on the skin, it begins to heal and produces a good amount of collagen. It is the increase in collagen production which leads to healing, rejuvenate, and yes, plumping of your skin.

While the process is widely used for the reduction of appearance of fine lines, acne scars, and stretch marks, it can be used for making your lips look fuller than before.

How does it work?

Curious to know, how it works for people with thinner lips?

Actually, when the dermaroller is rolled over the skin, the tiny needles create tiny cuts. Simply putting, it forms minor injuries which further kick starts the repair process that involves producing collagen. The production of collagen strengthens and tightens the skin, which further makes your lips supple and fuller. So it might appear that you are damaging the skin, but ultimately your skin will turn out to be healthier after you are done with the process.

Another added benefit is that when you derma roll your skin becomes more susceptible to healthy oils or ointments you apply. Yes, it helps to boost the effectiveness of any products you use. Hence, application of this process is beneficial to your lips in two ways. While it is enhance the collagen to make it appear plumped, it also helps in healing in and around your lips grows back after being damaged, creating plumper lips.

Is it painful?

The short answer is yes. It is going to be painful even if you are using the smallest derma roller. As your face is one of the most sensitive parts of your body, you will be experiencing some pain. But you can make it painless with help of a numbing cream.

Yes, you read that right! Using a topical anesthetic solution like Dr. Numb you can make it entirely pain-free. This cream consists of 5% lidocaine which is a numbing agent. When you apply Dr. Numb to your skin, it desensitized the area by blocking the pain signals. So your skin becomes numb and there will be no pain.

Now you don’t have to worry for your thin lip structure. You can easily alter their appearance using derma rolling.

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