How to choose a technician for permanent makeup?

April 09, 2016   1843

There is a surge in number of people going under the machine for permanent makeup. Permanent cosmetic as it is popularly known, is just a form of cosmetic tattooing wherein colored pigment is deposited onto the upper layer of the dermis. Since, permanent makeup is an easy and safe procedure, the idea has clicked with women around the globe who, realizing the benefits of permanent makeup have been fanatical about the procedure.
How to choose a technician for permanent makeup?

Fascinated with the idea of waking up in the morning looking as good as you did in the evening before hitting the bed has made permanent makeup a hit with women.

There are limited things that you can do with permanent makeup for now, but the procedure can bring about a dramatic change in life. With permanent cosmetic procedure you can for now do the eyebrows, apply eyeliner, color lips, apply lip liner or do some beauty marks treatment.

How is permanent makeup done?

The procedure of permanent makeup is performed using various devices, which even include a tattoo coil machine or a non-machine, hand device.

The procedure of permanent makeup is least cumbersome. It involves, choosing a technician, consultation with the technician, application of colored pigment and couple of follow up visits to evaluate the healing process and color.

Benefits of permanent makeup

Permanent cosmetics, if properly done looks so natural that someone who doesn’t know you very well, will never know if you’re wearing it.

Permanent makeup is for anyone in any age group. It is for anyone who desires a natural and soft enhancement in their appearance.

The procedure is especially beneficial for anyone who cannot wear cosmetic makeup because of allergies or any kind of skin sensitivity.

It is also really beneficial for visually challenged who find it difficult to apply makeup every day.

And then, permanent makeup is best for anyone who wants to get rid of the time consuming process of applying makeup every day before leaving home.

Deciding to have Permanent Cosmetics, process to find the right technician

When you have finalized to have permanent makeup, the most important next task is to find a qualified technician who can do the work for you, the way you want it done. Find a cosmetic technician the same way you’d find a doctor. Each country has cosmetic treatment regulation, make sure you’re well versed with regulations in your area and find a technician who meets the requirements.

Begin by finding a technician who is both an artist and a technician. You can visit the technician’s place of work, before finalizing, and see how the work is done there, what is the status of cleanliness and hygiene, what do the clients say about the technician.

On the visits, also have a curious eye on the procedure, on how the technician is executing it with other clients. Is he using a separate room? Are the sheets changed on the bed/chair? Are the needles sterilized?

Now, for permanent cosmetics to look natural and soft, you must finalize the technician if he/she is willing to customize the services to your taste. This is important because you are clear of what you want to get done and it should be done exactly the way you’ve thought.

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