How Can You Make a Bikini Wax Less Painful?

April 08, 2016   2266

Are you courageous enough to lie down and get that painful bikini wax done? Probably not everybody has it!! So, here we have enlisted down a few ways to make your bikini wax procedure “ouchless.”

How Can You Make a Bikini Wax Less Painful?


Only the bravest of souls opt to go for a Brazilian wax willingly. While the end result is awesome, it’s not actually a “fun” time. Whether it’s your first time or you’ve been waxing for years, if you know how to make the process less painful, it is always a plus.

Below are a few tips for making your Brazilian wax experience much more bearable.


  1. Exfoliate before – While the prime goal of waxing is toremove hair, this process also covers skin exfoliation. Hence, use a good body scrub two days prior to the procedure so that there isn’t any extra dry, dead skin hanging around making it harder for the wax to grab hairs.
  2. Lose your self-consciousnessThis is a must because a stranger is going to see you without clothes. Feeling shy and uncomfortable in front of her can make it difficult you to tolerate the procedure and pain. Be prepared so that you don’t feel embarrassed. The less anxious you are, the less you’ll feel the pain.
  3.  Speak up – A good esthetician will make sure that you feel comfortable. She will try to make you feel at ease by talking to you and involving with you more. Feel free to share all your concerns, say if you’ve a low pain tolerance, say it. It’d be much better than bearing the pain in silence.
  4. Make sure the hair is of the right length – Wax won’t be able to grab and pull too short hair. However, you’ll also need to trim too long hair. Make sure the hair is about 1/4 inch long before you go for wax. Either ask your waxer to do so or get it done by yourself or else the waxing can be even more painful.
  5. Invest in numbing cream –Make sure you don’tuse ice to numb the area before waxing as it will tighten and close up your skin pores. This will make the waxing much more painful. Numbing creams are a very popular way of numbing skin area to block pain. Just apply a thick layer of a good numbing cream over the area about 30 minutes before your procedure to help dull the pain.
  6. Breathe: This is quite possibly the hardest thing to do, because your natural reaction will be to hold your breath and tense up when your body knows there’s going to be pain. Instead, make a conscious effort to breathe deeply, exhaling a long breath when the wax strip is being pulled.
  1.  Don’t wax if you have sunburn – Sunburn can cause skin irritation to begin with. Hence avoid getting a wax if your skin feels burned.
  2. Turn and cough: Turning your head to the side and coughing just as the wax strip is about to be pulled will distract you from the pain. In addition, you can tell your esthetician your plan on doing this so that they’re not caught off guard.

Bonus: A hot shower can make you feel amazing;however don’t take it for 24 hours after your appointment. This will dry out and irritate your skin and can cause skin redness, soreness, or both.




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