What to Do When You Get a Huge Scab on Fresh Tattoos?

November 10, 2016   5886

If you have gigantic scabs on your new tattoo, you must be extra careful as it can spoil your tattoos design.

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Getting a tattoo is an overwhelming experience. However, the same tattoo can get on your nerves if you notice undesirable changes on it like scabbing. Fret not! Scabbing on tattoos is the sign of the tattoo healing which is characterized by the white and flaky skin develop over it. You may experience itching, which may be uncontrollable at some time. In simple words, having scabbing over your new tattoo means your skin is in repairing phase. Make sure you don’t pick or scratch them off.

But it is not normal if your tattoo is getting heavy scabs which is due to the

  • Poor aftercare
  • Infection
  • Damaging of the skin during tattooing

Incorrect occurring of scabs can fade your tattoo color and design.

What to Do If You Have Huge Scabs on Tattoo?

If you got large, multi-layered, crusty, blistering scabs on your tattoo, you need to be extra careful. Try to keep your scabs dry to make them fall off their own, while a tattoo part must be moist to speed up the skin healing process. And your task is to create a happy medium between these two “states.”

  • Don’t apply lotions or creams directly onto the scabs. Make sure to use cream around the scabs to keep them dry as possible.
  • Avoid picking and scratching your scabs. Doing this not only affect your healing process, but also fade your ink color.
  • During shower, allow the warm water run over your scabs and pat them dry with a clean towel thereafter.
  • Cover your gigantic scabs with face washer or face cloth for the first few minutes of your typical shower routine. It will make your scab soak up water and promote the drying and falling of the edges.
  • Use only a clean and dry towel. Always pat rather than rubbing over the affected part of the skin.

(Note: Please repeat the above mentioned tips for only a few seconds and don’t go overboard with that. Intense actions to get rid of scabs can backfire, and affect your tattoo.)

How to Prevent Scabs for Your Next Tattoo?

  • Cover your tattoo to avoid the direct exposure of dust or tiny particles that can enter the fresh wound.
  • Avoid swimming or wetting your tattoos for a week.
  • Use antibacterial foam wash and wash your tattoo very gently with it.
  • Always follow tattoo aftercare instructions given by your artist.

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