How to Get a Fabulous Tattoo Cover Up?

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Tattoo cover up, as the name implies, is a practice to hide the poor looking tattoos by altering the design. But it is not a patch work. So, be careful while getting your tattoo cover up done. Here’s how…

How to Get a Fabulous Tattoo Cover Up

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Let’s accept it. Not all people love their tattoos for numerous reasons. Some want to get rid of it just because of its poor design. Some people don’t like their tattoos as they are faded. A lover’s name tattoo is nothing but a painful reminder after a breakup. Then, workplace restrictions may not allow tattoo or other body art.  Some folks keep on experimenting with their tattoo styles. Well, these are some reasons why people want to remove their tattoos. There are many ways to remove a tattoo, from home methods like salbrasion to expensive laser tattoo removal. Salbrasion or other home tattoo removal method takes a lot of time and don’t guarantee you success. Laser tattoo removal is costly, thereby discouraging you if you are running tight on budget. In this scenario, opting for a tattoo cover up is the smart decision.

Tattoo cover up is a method of altering an existing tattoo design or overlaps with it other design. However, you should get it done carefully. Otherwise, it looks like “patch work” or may go even worse than your existing design.

Therefore, it is important to get it done carefully after keeping all points in mind. Here’s how…

Consider the Size of Your Tattoo:

First of all, consider the size of your tattoo. The new design tattoo is required to cover the original work. A cover up tattoo often blends with the existing tattoo size. Therefore, you should be prepared to get larger than your original tattoo. It not only camouflages the original one, but also lets the artist to be more creative with colours, layout and subject.

Color of Your Tattoo:

Remember, the darkest shade of your cover up tattoo will be used to cover up the rest of your old tattoo. The new ink for tattoo cover up won’t go over top of the ink from your old tattoo, rather it mixes with it to create a new hue. Darker shades will overlap other colors here, thus if you are adding blue to red, for example, you will get a purple shade out of their combination.

Lighter colors are not that successful in hiding the original tattoo.

If you are using a black ink tattoo to cover up black tattoo, the color won’t change, but your preferred design should be the darkest and larger as well in the area that’s over top of your original tattoo. However, it doesn’t mean black ink is essential for a cover up. Tattoo artists use all type of colors, blending and shading to cover your original piece with a new one.

A tattoo artist can cover up almost all tattoos, though some darker tattoos may need to be lightened with laser removal beforehand.

Think About Design:

It is stressful to pick the right cover up tattoo design as not all alterations are successful due to the limitations. Here you need to be a bit smarter with that. For example, you can choose animal or beast with lot of scales, biomechanical and feathers for your detailed tattoo.

Find Inspiration:

Getting a cover up shouldn’t be with the purpose to just hide it away. Instead, you should be creative at that time (just like you were while getting original tat). Explore the Internet to find cool tattoos ideas for cover up and talk to your tattoo artist about them. Make sure to choose the one that is bigger than your existing tattoo.

Tip: Choose the design that resonates with you for longer. Whereas your tattoo artist can guide you on the technical aspects of your cover up, you have to choose the design you love first.

Artist Does Matter:

Not all tattoo artists are excelled in tattoo cover up. Getting it done from an inexperienced artist may make the new “ink” look even uglier. Remember, tattoo cover up is meant to alter the existing design to form a good one as possible, rather than coating it with “paint”. This is why a tattoo artist should be experienced in tattoo cover up. An experienced one is familiar with all kinds of designs, colors, and sizes of tattoos. He or she will give you advice, tell you about limitations, and help you get a good cover up tattoo. So ask around and make some research on artists who are known for inking cover ups.


  • Tattoo cover up depends on colors, fading degree, the subject of the cover-up tattoo you want, and the elements of your tattoo.
  • Artist’s expertise does matter on shading, detailing, blending, and depth of color.
  • Cover up will be 4 times of the size of your existing tattoo.
  • Warm colors are not ideal for covering tattoos while cool colors like blue, green, purple are good for cover-ups.
  • 3 coating will be used to cover your old tattoos
  • Choose the experienced tattoo artist for cover up.
  • Choose the designs made of cool and dark colors with fine details.
  • Know about the size, design and placement of your tattoo cover up
  • Covering up an existing tattoo can be painful. Therefore, apply a numbing cream one hour before the process.

This is all about tattoo cover up. Your aim should be to find an experienced tattoo artist to get the job done.



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