Flu Vaccination- Need and Side-Effects

September 03, 2015   3232

As soon as the fall arrives, it brings along the season of flu. And the only solution to prevent flu, according to the pharmaceutical industry is by taking a flu vaccine. But is this a safe method? Can you count of the flu- vaccination completely? Let’s find out how safe these are.

Flu Vaccination

You must have heard of the flu vaccinations. Every year, you need to get the flu shot or Influenza shot, whenever the flu season start appearing around the corner. You will see those advertisements by different pharmacies in newspapers, magazines and even on the television commercials, reminding you for getting those preventive flu shots. But why you need them and what they do, are the two major questions you need to know first.

Why you need vaccination for flu?

Well, you know that you need it to protect yourself from flu. But, do you know how infectious can this flu be? From viral respiratory infections to the major bacterial infections, it can lead to severe health issuers. If not given proper attention, it can overwhelm the function of the lungs and other body parts. In worst case, especially among the elderly and the very young, it has proved to be fatal.

How these flu shots work to prevent the flu?

Basically, the flu vaccines stimulate the production of antibodies, which are highly important to fight back the flu virus. As soon as the virus enters a person body, who is already vaccinated, the antibodies present attack and kill the virus. It prevents you from infection significantly.

Every year these flu vaccines are developed and designed to protect against the influenza viruses, which are predicted to be the most common in the upcoming season.

Who need to go for flu vaccine?

If the professionals are to be believed, it is recommended that every individual above the age of 6 months, need to go for the seasonal flu vaccine. Generally, it is advised to everyone, but it becomes more important for some specific groups. Yes, if you are suffering from asthma, diabetes, some chronic lung disease, or you are pregnant women, you can be at high risk of developing serious complications. Even the people 65 years of age or above are more prone to risks.

Are these flu vaccinations safe?

People from all over the world protect themselves from the flu with help of these flu shots. If the stats are to be believed, these vaccines can reduce the chances of getting the flu by 60 percent. But, with greater benefits, there are some side effects too. Here are few of them:

1. The Injection Pain: It is very common side effects. A pain is felt at the spot where the flu shot was injected.  In some cases, after the shot, redness, soreness, warmth, and even slight swelling occurs. Usually these effects last for two days. You might have to be a little pain in the muscles throughout your body after getting the shot.

2. Headache: In many cases, symptoms like dizziness or fainting are found after the shots. It can vary from person to person, i.e. it can be mild or it can last longer for a day or two.

3. Fever: Generally, fever up to 101 degrees is found in the patients injected. If all goes well, it can take a day or two for the temperature top get normal.

4. Allergic Reactions: Although, it is not common, yet there are chances that the flu vaccine can cause severe allergic reactions to your body. After being injected, you might have to deal with hives, trouble breathing, swelling, accelerated heartbeat, dizziness, and weakness. In many cases, the severe allergic reactions start occurring = within a few hours of receiving the vaccine.

5. GBS (Guillain-Barré Syndrome): In extreme cases, these flu vaccines can lead you to Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS). Being a neurologic condition, it weakens and paralysis your body. If this happens, you need to rush for medical help. In most of the cases, the patients usually recover within a short amount of time.

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