Decoding Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Tattoos

September 27, 2017   1137

Know here the meaning of each piece of tattoo placed on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s body.Decoding Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Tattoos

Besides knowing for his wonderful professional wrestling career and movies, Dwayne Johnson is popular for his Polynesian tattoos placed on his arm and chest. Needless to say that the star’s tattoos added to the popularity of Samoan tattoos.

Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock in the ring, got his chest and arm tattoo in early 2003 from famous Tahitian tattoo artist, Po’oinoYrondi on the trip to Hawaii.

In an interview the superstar told that the story of his tattoos is very elaborative. “[It represents] all the things that are important to me, that I love and that I’m passionate about.”

Johnson further states that the chest and arm tattoo represents a story about his life and journey, but bigger than that, a story belongs to his ancestors and his culture, which play a big role in his own identity. Johnson’s body is inked with several designs like coconut leaves, Brahama bull, eye, broken face and stones. Each piece carries significance and meaning as well.

Let’s analyse the tattoo pieces of your favourite movie star and greatest wrestler of all time…

Coconut Leaves ( niu ) Tattoo:

Coconut leaves denote to the “Samoan Chief-Warrior.” It is also worth to mention that Johnson’s mother belongs to a Samoan community.

Sun Tattoo (Mauri) Tattoo:

In Polynesian culture, Sun tattoo stands for leadership and brilliance. It is also seen as the carrier of good fortune.

Descending Swirls Tattoo:

The Descending swirls located on outer right side of Great Eye. They represent past, present, future, meaning that your past deed will affect your future.

Face Tattoo (O Mata E Lua):

It is the main element placed on Johnson’s tattoo. The meaning of these tattoos is that two eyes of the elders are watching you and guarding you from evil.

Great Eye Tattoo:

Great Eye Tattoo is placed on the middle of the shoulder and it stands for the symbol of strength among Samoans. It is seen as the source of confidence that makes you feel that you are stronger than your enemy.

Broken Face Tattoo:

Broken face tattoo is marked by shark teeth representing struggle and hard work. It can be seen below the Great Eye.

Follow the Ancestors Tattoo:

This tattoo is inked on lower most circle of the Samoan tattoo. It conveys that the warrior born with supernatural power will do the good deeds. 

Stone of Abundance Tattoo:

Placed on the Rock’s arm, the stones of achievement denote the foundation of his life.

Tortoise Shell:

Placed at the lower part of the Polynesian tattoo, a tortoise shell denotes dedication. It is also said to drive away evil spirits.

Brahma Bull:

It used to be a signature tattoo of the Rock which is now covered by a fractured bull skull. It showed that his sun sign is Taurus.

So these are the popular pieces of tattoos placed on the Rock’s arm and chest. Want to get one like his?

Well, choose an experienced artist to get the job done. Plus, use a numbing cream like Dr. Numb an hour before as tattooing can be painful.


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