Cover Up Tattoos: What You Need to Know?

August 26, 2017   1348

Here we have come up essential information about tattoo cover up. Learn how they can change your old and horrible tattoos into exciting one.Cover Up Tattoos What You Need to Know

Not all people are satisfied with their tattoos. Some want to remove the tattoos as they are the painful reminder of their collapsed love life.

Some don’t love their tattoo anymore because it is faded. Then, some people want to get rid of wrongly made tattoos.

Laser tattoo removal method is a popular way. However, it is expensive and can cost you almost double the price of your tattoo. But it doesn’t mean that you have to live with your tattoo regret as long as it is on your skin.

Have you ever thought about cover up tattoo removal?

It is a clever method to cover up your tattoo with other design or make it look different with bit alteration. Wait.

There are few things you should know about tattoo cover up.

  • It depends on certain factors like colors in your original tattoo, fading degree, the subject of the cover-up tattoo you want.
  • It is often complicated as it requires an artist to work on shading, detailing, blending, and depth of color. Therefore, choosing an experienced artist is essential.
  • Cover up should be at least 4 times of the size of your existing tattoo.
  • Warm colors like red, yellow, and orange are not good for covering tattoos. Cool colors like blue, green, purple are ideal for cover-ups.
  • 3 layers are required to cover your old and dark tattoo.

Choosing a Right Design for Your Tattoo Cover Up:

 It is bit hard to choose the good cover up design due to the limitations and a challenge to do the things precisely. You can choose animal or beast with lot of scales and feathers for a cover-up. Likewise, Asian style dragons, eagles or fish with dark shades cover your old tattoos efficiently. Biomechanical tattoos with lot of details can also be feasible option. Go for black atmospheric shading for giving background on cover ups.

How Your Tattoo is covered by a New One?

  • Highlighting weak lines or adding new features
  • Working on the spelling in an existing tattoo
  • Using white ink to fade old tattoos as much as possible.
  • Creating the possibility of new design from old one

 Since tattoo cover up art is complicating and stressful, you should choose the right tattoo artist specializing in that.


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