Corset Piercing- The Next Style Choice!

July 12, 2017   407

Have you heard about the body mod sensation? Yes, the same which is also referred to corset piercing is one of the biggest bondage turn-on of all. Planning to get it done? Here is all you need to know about this piercing type in detail.Corset Piercing- The Next Style Choice!

If you have been craving for some exclusive piercings, corset can be an answer. You must have seen an explosion of photos and videos of corset piercings.

But what is a corset piercing? Why do people prefer them? And there will be so many questions coming through your mind. To satisfy your hidden curiosity, here is all you need to know about corset piercings.

What is a Corset Piercing?

Basically, corset piercing makes use of ribbons or lace. Made up of multiple surface piercings in two or more rows, the ribbon, lace or chain is threaded through the piercings. It is done in a pattern similar to that of the corsets worn by women.

Though this piercing can be done on any large area of skin on the body, yet it is most commonly seen on the back. The other options can be at the side of the torso, legs, arms or your neck. Usually, it is the amount of creativity of your artist which can be expressed with this type of piercing, and makes it more appealing.

How long will corset piercing last?

Do you know corset piercings are said to be ‘play piercing’? Yes, they are usually done as a temporary piercing. It can be for a photo shoot, s an addition to their portfolio, some fetish event or just to promote a piercer’s business in an advertisement. Generally, artist will advise you for ball closure rings to be worn as jewelry. Usually, temporary corset piercings don’t last longer than a week or two. And later, the jewelry is removed when the event is over.

Is it painful?

Even it is said to be a temporary one, corset piercing is done making use of hypodermic needles instead of jewelry. Hence, it will be painful. In fact, it can be a terrible experience. But if you are determined to have this piercing done, you can still make it painless. Wonerding how?

Simply, you can use Dr. Numb- a topical anesthetic solution which comes with 5% lidocaine. It is a numbing cream which is trusted by experts for all good reasons. You must apply it to the skin at least one hour before stepping out for your piercing studio. It works by blocking pain signals at the nerve ending. Hence, it will not let those signals reach your brain, making it pain free.




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