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Permanent makeup is the newest way to look and feel glamorous. While, this is an effective way to look beautiful throughout, there are several things that are misunderstood about this procedure.


Prepared to go for your permanent cosmetic procedure? Great!!

But, hold on for a second! What if you don’t get the desired result? What if things turn wrong? Your first experience can be made the best if you’ve adequate and right information about the technique. It’s always good to get the facts and put your mind at ease. Doing research, asking questions and putting all your queries before your skin specialist prior to the procedure is also a great way to follow the truth and banish any misconceptions or myths you may have heard on the grapevine.

Here are just a few common misconceptions about permanent cosmetic:

It’s the same as Cosmetic Surgery

While the term permanent cosmetic sounds similar to cosmetic surgery, they’re actually not the same.Cosmetic surgery is a big part of the beauty industry, but permanent cosmetic and cosmetic surgery procedures could not be further apart.

While permanent makeup involves a clinical set-up for hygiene purposes, it does not involve any surgery or going under the knife. Although it can transform and enhance your facial features, it’s not similar to having fillers or any other surgical.

It’s Only for Women

When it comes to beauty and look, often things are associated with the WOMEN. However, the case is different here. Permanent makeup is for BOTH WOMEN AND MEN. Whether it’s transforming eyebrows, or redefining the lip line with a soft lip blush, permanent cosmetics can enhance male features too. A subtle guy-liner is also a very popular procedure amongst males, whichhelps in naturally and subtly enhancing the eye area.

It Hurts!

It is a common question, “does it hurt”? While the extent of the pain greatly depends on various factors like skin type, pain threshold, expertise of the dermatologist, etc. , the procedure is still painful. Many a times, the patients feel unpleasantlyand uncomfortable. Many patients say that it feels like having an electric toothbrush held against the skin. Vibrations on the skin can be annoying for some patients. However, to make people comfortable, using topical numbing cream are recommended highly by the doctors these days.

It’s for ‘Young’ People 

It is a common misconception that bothers elders is that permanent cosmetic is just for the”young” people. That’s not true at all! No matter what your age is, you can find the perfect treatment for you. A good artist knows how to adapt various techniques to compliment mature skin and work to achieve desired results, no matter what age they are.

It’s For People Who Have skin issues

While procedures like medical tattooing can be a life-changing experience which gives people the desired brows, eyes or lips, permanent cosmetic doesn’t have to be for medical reasons. Permanent cosmetic can be for any reason, like for those having hair loss due to over plucking and many other reasons. It can also be significant if you just want to enhance your natural features. Whatever be the reason,it could be a treatment which may be right for you as long as you’re happy and comfortable.

It’s Unusual And Fake-Looking

Permanent makeup has come a long way over recent years with many developments in machines, pigments and techniques. For instance, for eyebrow treatments, usually specialist hair stroke techniques are used to create the illusion of a well-defined brow, naturally. With the lip procedures, the color can be quite dark in the beginning, but it fades into a beautifully complementary color, leaving you with lush lips 24/7! With subtle eyeliners, your eyes can appear popped up, even with just a thin line through the lashes!

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