Can You Tattoo Over Scars?

August 27, 2017   1665

Are you planning to cover your old scars with tattoos? Well, this seems to be great idea when getting rid of scars becomes difficult for you. Having a tattoo over it will help you hide it. But this is not as simple as it appears. Find out the details of the process here.Can You Tattoo Over Scars

Wondering can you tattoo over scars?

The simplest answer to this question is YES. There are good chances to have a tattoo over scar tissue. But there might be many questions coming through your mind;

  • What effects will it have on the scars?
  • Will it really cover the scar in a way you are looking forward too?

Here you need to know the outcomes of the process will depend on the scar, the design of the tattoo, the tattoo artist, and many more essential factors. Hence, here is something useful for you to make a right decision;

You need to understand your scars

Before you start working on the tattooing of your scar, it is essential to understand what a scar is, how it is formed, and so on.

Basically, scars tissue is made by your body’s biological process to heal skin and other tissue. It is the formation of collagen fibers which leads to repairing of the damaged area that further results in scar tissue. Actually, collagen is the primary protein of your dermis which effects the texture and tissue composition of the rest of your skin.

This simply means that scar tissue is dense and it makes the tattoo ink hold differently as compared to normal skin. While it can be less defined, there are chances that you had to go for a second session for coloring and shading.

Is It Possible Tattoo Over Scars?

To find out the right answer to this question, it is highly important for you to know whether your scar will be able to hold ink against your scars or not. Yes, if done wrong way, a tattoo over scars can backfire. Thus, your scar will now become more noticeable than it was earlier, which you will never want it to be. To prevent this, make sure you take your time and plan out the tattoo very meticulously.

Choose the best artist: For this, it is vital to find out a tattoo artist with a lot of experience, especially in tattooing over scars. Hence, start calling around and asking to see a portfolio of tattoos they have worked on so far. Having blown out lines over the scar tissue is something common during the tattooing process. So, if you really want it to go perfect, find out a very professional or better say, very experienced tattoo artist.

Pick a right design: As far as the kind of tattoo is concerned, it is advised to go with a design which draws the attention away from the scars. Yes, you need to cover it, but beautifully. You must understand here that tattooing over scars will not change the texture of the skin. Hence, if you wish to hide the scar well, try to incorporate it into the design itself.

Lastly, remember tattooing is painful process. Ensure that you are ready for it physically and mentally. In case, you want to escape the pain, it is recommended to use a topical anesthetic cream like Dr. Numb. Being a lidocaine based cream it can be applied over the scarred area 45 minutes before tattooing. It works by blocking the pain signals, making it painless for you.

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