Can I use Dr Numb for My New Born Kid To Avoid The Vaccination Pain?

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Vaccination is given to the new born kid to boost his immunity and to safeguard against all kinds of diseases. Basically, the immunization process is done to make the new born resistant towards unwanted infections which can otherwise difficult to treat. But vaccination is administered with the help of a needle which is pierced into the skin. This is a painful process especially for the new born kids and young children.

Dr Numb for new born kid

The following article describes the use of Dr Numb cream for a painless vaccination to young kids. Vaccination stimulates the immune system to protect the individual against infections or diseases.
Immunization or Vaccination is a means to eliminate and reduce the effect of many contagious infections. Vaccination has been found to prevent 2 to 3 million deaths every year. Moreover, vaccination can also be easily afforded by most of the people and is a beneficial health investment.

Why Should the New Born be Immunized?

After the baby is born he is easily prone to infections due to environment, climatic conditions, people around, clothes and even the food and water being given to him. Moreover, genetic factors can also be a reason for infection. And even doctors say that prevention is better than cure, therefore, the child should be immunized against some harmful diseases. This prepares the immune system to fight with viruses or bacteria when they attack the body.
There are vaccinations available for chicken pox, hepatitis B, polio, measles, whooping cough, and mumps etc. which are must for every new born to undergo.
Moreover, vaccination is an easier and cost-effective way to avoid a disease than to spend heavily for its treatment.

Need of numbing cream for immunization

Injection shots are painful for children and people with less pain threshold. Since the vaccination is given to the person with injection shots in which a needle is pricked into the person’s skin which is indeed painful, therefore, it requires use of numbing cream to lessen the intensity of the pain
Moreover, in case of vaccinations like tetanus, swelling and pain last for next 2-3 days.
Therefore, doctors now recommend using numbing creams for a pain free vaccination.

Dr. Numb – Topical Lidocaine Cream

Dr Numb is one of the widely used numbing creams by doctors and beauty artists worldwide due to its safe and effective results. It can be used to cut off pain involved with any skin procedure like laser treatment, waxing, Botox, vaccination etc. It contains 5% Lidocaine which has been declared safe by FDA for use in skin procedures.

Where The Numbing Cream Can Be Applied?

Dr. Numb can be applied over the part of the skin where the injection shot has to be given. But make sure you don’t apply it over any blister, rash or wound as it can lead to skin agitation. Also, it is must to wash the skin before the application Dr. Numb cream.

Dr. Numb cream can be applied to the following portions of the skin:
• Thighs of infant
• Upper arm of adults and older children
• Inside of the elbow while withdrawing blood

Applying Dr Numb Cream:
1. Wash the skin portion with soap and water where the vaccination has to be given and then pat it dry.
2. Wear gloves and then take a thick layer of cream to gently rub it over the area.
3. Then cover the cream with a saran wrap for about 45 minutes to an hour.
4. Wipe off the cream with a wet cloth before the vaccination.

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