Astounding derma roller tips for amazing results

April 09, 2016   2537

While there is a lot of hype building around Derma Rollers and its effect, people are opting for it with open hearts. If you are also in hopes of shedding those aging signs, you too can move ahead with this. But before you start, you must learn a little about this treatment. Find out some amazing tips hereand what wonders it can do to correct skin imperfections.
Derma Rollers

Often it is said that derma roller is nothing more than an instrument which perform a line of treatment, Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT). While this tool looks like a medieval torture device, with micro needles and a small cylinder, it is used to pierce the most superficial layer of skin.

Basically, this therapy or the derma roller is used to boost the growth of collagen in the skin. Piercing the skin, those small micro-needles in the roller make you feel a tickle. However, these are deep enough to trigger the nerve endings, forcing your skin to produce collagen. And when the number of needles is multiplied in the derma roller, you eventually create a new layer of collagen. It is this new layer, which thicken your skin by removing all the imperfections it had.

So, now when you are well-known to the product, it is time to learn some essential tips you must follow:

Be a smart buyer:
Yes, first and foremost, be very careful while purchasing a dermroller. Don’t buy a needle length which is too long. Sometime people think that the longer the needle, better the results would be. Whilst this is not true, going for too long needle won’t help but will cause you more pain.

Moisturize your skin: When you are about to start a dermaroller just make sure you apply a good moisturizer or vitamin cream. Well, some of you might achievegood results without it, but doing so will certainly help you achieve better results far more quickly.

Be patient with your skin: Never press too hard. Here you need to remember that everything doesn’t work in ‘no pain no gain’ method. Using the dermaroller gently is the right way out. You don’t need todraw blood and see the results. Yes, it is possible without having to suffer discomfort.Also, never roll too much. Only a few rolls every day can do magic to your skin. It is ample to get the skin working and boost the production of collagen. Over rolling lead you nowhere.

Look for support: While you are about to purchase a dermaroller, look for a seller which offers on-going help with your treatment. There are number of companies offering you long life assistance with the usage of their product. On the other hand there are others which will just sell you the dermaroller, leaving you to get on with it. Hence, act smartly!

Avoid sharing: You and your partner, friend or sister need a dermaroller, is it safe? Definitely, no! You need not share, it’s simply not hygienic. If needed, you can buy extra equipment for them.

Just don’t go for the first dermaroller you see in the market. Look for the pros and cons of each. Being easy and highly effective, it’s only a matter of time to treat your aging skin. Stand by these 5 tips and you’ll find no issues. Happy Rolling!

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