Anal Fissures – Frequently Asked Questions

September 26, 2016   1201

Being one of the most frequent and painful anal diseases, fissures are said to effect people all across the globe. While these are not so common in patients older than 65 years, yet the exact data is not available on its prevalence. Learn about this skin problem in detail.


Generally, people don’t feel free to share about anal fissures with anyone. These are embarrassing and yes, people with this type of disease feel very uncomfortable. The reason is quite simple; it causes itchy feeling, burning sensation and severe pain in the rectum area. Just imagine you are seated together in a group with other people and all of sudden you start feeling pain or itch in anus. You just want to scratch your butt, but that’s not possible.

So, it’s an awful disease and you need to cure it. But before that it is essential to learn about the same in detail. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about anal fissures. Read on:

What are anal fissures?

Defined as a small tear of the skin around the back passage, it is a small; usually less than a centimeter, but yes, it is very painful. The reason why it turns so painful is that anus is one of the most sensitive parts of your body. And this pain turns to be worse when you pass stools. In fact, after an hour of passing faeces, it can cause you sudden itch or pain. In many cases, anal fissures can bleed a little.  But this happens generally after you pass faeces.

What are the different kinds of fissures?

While these are common among both, in adults and children, these are usually not a serious disease. However, being painful these can be distressing, particularly for children. These are classified as either acute or chronic.

What are the instant treatments?

As stated above that they are of two types, the acute anal fissures needs to be treated with conservative treatments resulting in a complete cure. But for chronic ones, you need aggressive treatments. Sometimes, a minor surgery is also required. Don’t go behind any instant cures or miracle cures. They really don’t exist, at least for anal fissures.

As far as conservative treatments are considered, it includes intake of lots of water, having an adequate fiber filled diet, and much more to ensure soft stools.

Why do they hurt so much?

The pain one experience can differ from person to person. It can be mild in some cases, but often it turns intense and overwhelming. You anal canal is one of the most sensitive areas, having a multitude of nerve endings. When a tear in the anal canal occurs, during the bowel evacuation it causes pain due to frequent opening and closing of the anal canal.

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