Aftercare Tips For Laser Hair Removal Process

August 08, 2017   1339

Professional laser hair removal not only makes you look beautiful and presentable, but also boost up your confidence, and make you feel confident and flawless. To ensure that the treatment is effective, it is imperative to follow all aftercare directions. This will avoid any kind of damage to your skin and prepare the hair follicles for your next treatment.Aftercare Tips For Laser Hair Removal Process

Consulting the doctor and following their special instructions is very important. Also, below given are the after care tips one should  follow for the laser hair expulsion process.

Stay away from sunlight

After your hair removal appointment with an expert, your skin will be more responsive to the sun. Always fully cover up your skin whenever you go out or wear sunscreen. This not only applies for laser hair removal, but for all other cosmetic surgeries or process.

Soothe your skin

You may experience some pain and skin irritation for around 24 hours after the treatment. Apply ice to the area to diminish any kind of irritation or swelling. The pain should go away within a couple of days, or if you are quite sensitive and can’t bear the pain, then go for a numbing cream like Dr. Numb, to kill the pain for a few hours.

Expect some itching

The treated area will probably itch for at least a day. All you need to do is, buy a bottle of Aloe Vera or itching cream, and apply it to your skin. While it might make you feel like scratching, but do control yourself. At the same time, numbing cream can help to give you a relief for some time.

Be cautious with the products

Try not to go for any kind of makeup or using any cosmetic products right after the treatment is done. If your skin still needs something to moisturize, then go for a mineral or chemical free option. Chemical products can harm your sensitive skin and can cause irritation  if your skin is sensitive.

Call Doctor for any problem

If the pain, itching or irritation lasts more than a day, then call your doctor. He will advise you for a follow up appointment, if extra care is required.  

To take care of your body for next hair removal session, it’s important to care your skin and hair follicles.  Depending on your skin tone and hair surface, your hair removal expert may have more specific guidelines to follow. The laser hair removal process need time, so make sure to be determined. The results will be worth the wait.


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