7 Things You Need To Understand before Piercing a Baby’s Ears

February 01, 2018   1572

Getting your baby’s ear pierced is no less than a challenge. If you are also looking forward to the same procedure, this article is for you. Read on some lesser discussed points.

7 Things You Need To Understand before Piercing a Babys Ears

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Planning to pierce your toddler’s ears?

It has been one of those most controversial issues parents deal with. While for some, it’s just a choice and to others it might be on par with mutilation. However, the first question to arise in every parent’s mind is that, will it be safe for my baby’s ears?

Though everyone has their reasons to choose piercing, yet it is essential to first know all the facts before you take your little one to the piercing parlor.

It is painful, but there’s a solution

The first and foremost issue is for the pain caused during the process, and even after that. But this can be treated using a topical anesthetic cream, Dr. Numb. Basically, it is a numbing cream which consists of 5% lidocaine. When applied to the skin, it works by blocking the pain signals at the nerve endings. Hence, your child will not feel any pain while having piercing. And this can be used after piercing too.

The best thing is that you don’t need a medical prescription for buying this cream. You can purchase it online or over the counter, as per your convenience. It is a FDA approved product and you can count on this numbing solution for safety.

It is not really harmful to the baby’s health

You need to know this for sure, the risks to your baby’s health due to an ear piercing are minimal. In few cases, keloids tend to occur, which mainly appear on kids over the age of 11, according to Johns Hopkins. As far as infections are concerned, it occurs in about 24 percent of the population, which are avoidable using gold or surgical steel earrings.

Same is the case for allergies, following proper aftercare and choosing right jewelry will protect your child’s skin. To avoid tearing, avoid dangling earrings and chandelier earrings.

It never means you are being irresponsible

If you are stopping yourself from getting your baby pierced just because of the stigma that parents piercing their baby’s ears are being reckless, you are wrong. In fact, it is a great responsibility which parents take and fulfill. Right from the beginning, where they make sure to take the child to a professional’s office to choosing the right type of jewelry, every task calls for precision. Plus, they ensure that everything is carried out smoothly and in baby’s comfort zone.

It is a long-standing cultural tradition

There are good chances that your mother got your ears pierced, and her mom pierced her babies’ ears, and so on. Simply, this has been a big part of the culture, practiced across different regions of the world. From Latina America to Asia, and in different parts of Africa and the Middle East, people choose ear piercing for their baby’s ears. Hence, if you want to maintain some of the traditions, you can go for piercing.

It is also a religious tradition

Do you know as per the karna vedha sanskar, it is a Hindu tradition practiced in India, which makes it necessary to pierce a baby’s ears? So, baby’s ears are pierced early, it can be as early as their first year of life. However, some also wait for the kid to grow up to three years or more.

It is a rite of passage

For some families piercings as a rite of passage! Actually, each body modification is a rite of passage, indicating towards a change from one thing to the next. It is a kind of baby’s baptism, which is important for both baby and parent.

Chances for the piercing to get infected are probably less

Piercings and infections are often connected. And this happens for a number of reasons. Usually, it occurs when you touch your piercing with dirty hands or instruments. But as baby’s hardly touch their ears (in the younger age), there’s likely less chance of an infection occurring. Moreover, babies tend to be kept in fairly clean areas, it probably minimizes the risk.

Lastly, there are really good chances that your baby will thank you when they grow big. It is often found that piercing troubles more when done in later years of life. Hence, if you get their ears pierced now, they won’t have to suffer from greater pain in future.


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