7 Things You Must Know About Permanent Make Up

June 15, 2016   1788

Going for permanent make up? Here are few things you must know about its effects, healing process and longevity.

7 Things You Must Know About Permanent Make Up

Permanent make up is a micro-pigmentation cosmetic technique to draw designs that look like a makeup, like eyeliner, eyelids and lips. It is useful for the people that have less or no eyebrows and eyelids. Before going for a permanent make up, here are some essential things you must know

It’s Similar to Tattoo Processing

Permanent make up is like a tattoo as it is done with ink embedded into the skin with a needle, thought the actual material is iron oxides rather than ink. It means you can’t approach any tattoo artist to have eyeliner; instead you must go to a certified micropigmentation professional for procedures get done.

Can Cause Allergy and Infection:

Inks and dyes used in permanent makeup can cause allergic reactions as irritation, inflammation, soreness and itching. Besides, it triggers infections from needles and ink. Make sure the tools being used in this process are sterile, clean and up to the standards.

Permanent Make Up Can Fade:

Permanent make up is not as what its name says! It can be fade with the passage of time though you can do few things to keep it long lasting.

  • Use sunscreen, at least of SPF 45 before you step out in a sun,.
  • Don’t exfoliate your face over the makeup area.
  • Use Vaseline over your makeup while swimming or in water contact.


However, pigments used to line you eyes can stay long unlike the other parts of the face.  You can be asked for come back for a few touch ups.

Consultation is Important:

You must sit for consultation before going to the practitioner. A consultant can show you the entire process and tell you about precautions and effects. You have a good idea about how the micro pigmentation work will look on your face.

It May Be Painful:

Permanent makeup can be painful and may cause swelling and soreness. However, the pain degree is somehow less in eyeliner cases. But the redness and swelling usually go down after few hours of the treatment. You must not apply anything on the skin to avoid damage and irritation. You practitioner may suggest you some ointment for better healing.

Drink More Water:

You need to increase the quantity of fluid after going through the procedure. You can take fresh fruit, vegetable juices and water to detox your system. As the treatment dehydrates your body, the fluids restore the moisture and make your body hydrated. It is the part of the healing process.

It Can Go Wrong:

There have been many cases where permanent makeup has produced the bad results. Many times, a person’s skin is not compatible to the surgery or dyes; as a result it scars the skin tissues and alters the other facial features. A major reconstructive face surgery is the resort to fix the problems.

So, these are things you must know about permanent makeup. It is helpful to take your dermatologist’s advice before undergoing the process. In this way, you can reduce the risk of the possible side effects of the permanent make up.

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